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Overview of the Rise Loyalty Program and FAQ
Overview of the Rise Loyalty Program and FAQ

How the Rise loyalty program works in your store

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In this article we will cover how the Rise loyalty program works and answer some frequently asked questions.

If you are more of a visual learner, you can check out the following video to see how your customers can engage with your loyalty program, as well as how to set it up:

Overview of the Rise Loyalty & Rewards Program

The Rise Loyalty program rewards your customers with store credit rewards according to conditions you set up in our Loyalty & Rewards Workflows.

We believe that store credit rewards are the preferred type of reward because they are easier to understand ($1 is always $1, whereas points can mean something different in each store), and they are perceived as free money in the store, which makes customers want to use them!

Once the conditions are met, a store credit reward is sent out to your customer and is added to their loyalty card code.


What is a loyalty card code?

This code is attached to your customers' email address, and allows them to accumulate all store credit you issue through Rise on this code. This includes store credit issued through rewards, store credit refunds, manually issued store credit and bulk loyalty campaigns.

This creates a smooth experience for your customers and makes it extremely easy for them to keep track of their rewards and redeem the credit they have. Resulting in more engaged customers that come back to your store to use their credit.

How is the reward sent?

The reward can be sent through Rise's native email service or through Klaviyo using our Klaviyo integration (included in the Small Business plan and above).

When is a reward sent?

A reward is sent based on the conditions you set up through your Rise workflows. You can reward based on amount spent, customer tags, account created and much more!

How can customers redeem their credit?

Customers redeem the store credit using the loyalty card code at checkout (just like a gift card code) or using our One-Click Apply Button that can appear in the cart or checkout (for Pro plan and above).

Learn more about how customers redeem their credit here.

How can customers access their loyalty card code and information regarding the loyalty & rewards program?

Customers can access their loyalty card code in all emails sent and through the Account Page Module.

Information regarding the loyalty promotions running in your store, as well as the loyalty card code, can be found in our store assets that include the Store Widget and Rewards Page.

Learn more about how customers engage with your loyalty program here.

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