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How Customers Engage with your Loyalty Program
How Customers Engage with your Loyalty Program

Rise’s Gift Card’s gifting and receiving experience for your customers.

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Rise enables your customers to engage with your loyalty & rewards program using store assets and emails. These allow customers to learn about the loyalty program you set up in your store, as well as find their current balance and loyalty card code.

In this article we are going to cover-

  1. The Rewards Widget

  2. The Rewards Page

  3. Store credit emails sent to your customers

  4. Account page store credit button

  5. One-click apply button

If you are more of a video person, Sam from our customer success team has got you covered! You can learn more about this topic in this video-

Rewards Widget

You can enable Rise’s Reward Widget that will appear on most of the pages of your store. 

In the rewards widget, your customers will easily be able to see the loyalty promotions running in your store, and the remaining store credit balance they have.

This is how the widget will appear for customers who are signed in:

For merchants using our referral program, a referral card will also appear in the widget, enabling customers to access their referral link to share with friends. 

For customers who are not signed in, instead of the store credit balance, there will be a card that requests the customer to sign up or sign in-

Note: Our loyalty program links with your Shopify account, and does not require your customer to have two accounts. 

The design and content of the reward widget are very customizable, you can easily set it up to fit your brand. To learn how to do so, check out this article.

The Rewards page

You can implement the rewards page that allows you to have a separate page on your store that presents the customer's balance and more information regarding your rewards program.

Store credit emails sent to your customers

Once receiving store credit, a stylish and branded email is sent to your customers. These emails can easily be customized in our email builder tool.

You can also send reminders to your customers to remind them about their outstanding store credit.

To learn how to set this up in the back-end, please check out the this article.

Account page store credit button

Customers who are logged in with an account, can check the remaining store credit in their account on the Shopify account page within the “Store Credit” button.

This is a great way for your customers to easily access their loyalty card code so they can apply it in checkout or share it with their friends.

Check Balance Page

For customers who don’t have an account, they can check their loyalty code balance with the check balance page that allows them to insert their code and see the balance remaining.

One-Click Apply Button

For our ‘Pro’ plan merchants and above, your customers will be able to apply their store credit with a click of a button on the cart page with our ‘One-Click Apply’ button. 

This creates a ‘no-code’ experience that is easy and straightforward for your customers and can help prevent abandoned carts, by reminding your customers about the store credit they have remaining.

For Shopify Plus merchants, this button will also appear in the checkout page

We also recommend advertising your store promotions on your home page, to let customers know about them!

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