Starting to Rise

Learn about Rise's unique features, and get started with Store Credit Rewards, Gift Cards, and loyalty accounts.

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Account Settings

Learn how to set up your account with Rise.

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Loyalty & Rewards

Learn how to encourage your customers to be loyal returning customers, with your own loyalty program.

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Gift Cards

Learn how to set up, manage and customize all aspects of the Gift Card product at your store.

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Store Credit

Learn how to send Store Credit in multiple ways, and how your customers can check and redeem it.

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The Rise Referrals Program : Incentivize customers to promote your store

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Advanced WorkFlows Rules

Automated rules for sending Store Credit rewards, marketing campaigns and customer segmentation.

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Asset Customization

Learn how to create a branded and beautiful experience for your customers

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Analytics & Performance

Learn how to track your programs' performance

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Learn which apps we integrate with and set up instructions

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Get inspired by our top merchants designs

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Learn how to make the most out Rise.

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