In this article you will find:

  1. How to customize different email notifications.

  2. How to customize the email template.

If you are more of a video person, you can also check out this video where we have an in-depth look at how you can set up your emails through the email builder-

How to customize different email notifications:

  1. Go to your dashboard, click on the Email Builder tab, then click on "Customize":

2.  Choose the email you'd like to customize, you can see when the email is sent by hovering over the question mark next to the email’s name:

3. Fill in the email subject, or keep the default subject already inserted. If you would like to use variables for things like “customer name” or “order number” you can check out our variable list by clicking the “See variable” button located under each text box:

Clicking the variable (eg. {{shop_url}}) will copy it to your clipboard so you can easily paste it.

4. Sections - the heart of your emails. You can add, replace, remove and edit different sections in your email, and see your changes live in the email preview on the right side:

Aside from the general sections at your disposal for all emails, you will also see sections that are only available for the specific email template which you are currently viewing:

At any point, you can click on "Reset email to default" and clear your changes. Notice that clicking on this button will reset the entire email, not only your latest changes.

5. Once you're done make sure to save your changes. At any point you can send an email preview to your inbox to verify your changes:

How to customize the email template:

  • The email template is where you change the general styling of all of your emails

  • All changes in the template will apply on all email notifications to make sure that you keep your brand’s design language

  1. Logo - add your logo to your emails. You can also adjust the size and place a link.

2. Colors and Styling - change the width of your emails as well as the background colors of your emails.

3. Social Media- add icons and links to your social media channels.

White label (for Premium merchants only)

To learn how to remove Rise branding from your email, click here.

Code your own email template:

Want to shed all limitations and create a unique masterpiece? Try our “Code your own” section. Clicking this button will enable the use of our HTML editor where you can create the emails you’ve always wanted.

This section is only available for our Premium level merchants and requires HTML knowledge. 

  • Mobile preview - You can see a mobile version of your emails by clicking on the Mobile icon at the top of the screen:

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