How to Setup your Rewards Page

Use the Rise 'Rewards Page' to maximize your customers' exposure to your Loyalty Program.

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In this article you will find:

  1. What is the Rewards Page?

  2. How to activate and set up the Rewards Page

  3. Example Rewards Pages

Firstly, to clarify, this asset is only available on the Small Business plan and above. If you want to learn more about Rise’s pricing and plans, please see this article.

What is the Rewards Page?

The Rewards Page acts as an alternative to the Rewards Widget, providing you with a platform to advertise and explain your rewards program to your customers. When so much of your rewards program’s success relies on communication, this can be a very powerful tool to help your customers understand the rewards program you have created with Rise.

Unsure whether to use the rewards page or the rewards widget? Make sure to consider the pros and cons of each:

Rewards Page



  • Allows for a better explanation of your loyalty program.

  • Located on a dedicated page so it won’t distract your customers or interfere with other widgets.

  • Located on all pages to increase exposure.


  • Not exposed to as many customers.

  • Limits the amount of content.

  • Displayed on all pages so can be distracting.

  • If you already have a number of widgets, it can be "lost in the crowd".

How to activate and set up the Rewards page

The 'Rewards Page' appears at the top of the 'Loyalty Assets' section in your Rise dashboard.

To set up the Rewards page:

  1. Head to the 'Loyalty Assets' section in the Rise dashboard

  2. The 'Rewards Page' appears at the top of the 'Loyalty Assets' section in your Rise dashboard.

  3. Click 'Create Page' to begin the setup process.

When you click the 'Create Page' button, we will generate a new dedicated page in your Shopify store specifically designed to display rewards.

4. Edit the location of the Rewards Page through the Pages section in your Shopify dashboard.

To edit the location of your Rewards page in your Navigation, you can use the 'Pages' section in Shopify.

Please make sure not to change any of the content on the “page” on your Shopify dashboard. This will inhibit the Rewards Page from behaving as expected.

If you would like to hide the Rewards page from your customers, simply change the Page "Visibility" to "Hidden" in your Shopify admin.

5. Customize the Rewards page

All customizations of the content and appearance of the Rewards Page needs to be done through the editor in the Rise dashboard.

Editor Overview:

  • Body: Changes to the format of the page are made here. Here you have different sections you can use to divide the page into easy-to-understand fields.

  • Template: Change the design of the page’s font, text color, and size.

  • Visitor: Toggle between the Member vs. Visitor views to see how the page will be displayed when logged into an account vs. not logged in.

  • Display: View the page in Mobile, Desktop, or Full-screen formats.

  • See Page: Open up the page in a new tab to view your progress.

  • Save: Save any changes you’ve made before exiting the page to ensure you don’t lose your progress.

Body (Sections):

The design of the rewards page is separated into sections to help you build the page to your requirements.

There are three section options available:

  1. General section: A generic section allowing you to freely design using our library of elements.

  2. Dynamic section: Same as above, however, you are able to differentiate between what customers who are logged in see and those that are not logged in. This allows you to design sections that appear differently for those who are logged into their account vs. those that are not logged in.

3. Referral section: A section specifically dedicated to referrals.

You are able to add as many sections as you would like, building the page’s format to your requirements.

Within each section, you have the Content tab and the Settings tab:

  • Content:

In the Content tab you can edit the content that will appear in each section by adding “Elements” from our element library.

This is the content that appears on your Rewards page and can be edited to share information with your customers. In the “General” and “Dynamic general” sections, you have the following elements available:

  1. Paragraph

  2. Button

  3. Headline

  4. Steps

  5. FAQ

  6. Image

  7. Spacer

Within each element, you are presented with a number of different design and functionality options to customize the assets to your needs. To change the order of the elements on the page, simply drag the corresponding element tile using the grab feature on the right.

You can also remove an element by clicking on the element and selecting “Remove element” from the bottom of the screen.

  • Settings:

Within each section, you are also able to adjust the settings from the “Settings” section. Changes in this section will affect all the elements included in the section. This allows you to create certain design rules and format the section’s layout.


While the “Settings” section inside each section allows you to customize the design for that section (discussed above), you are able to build a more robust design for your Reward page using the “Template” section.

This will apply style changes to the entire page rather than just specific sections, and will help you ensure consistency in your design language.

Please note, you are able to select both primary and secondary colors. When you are editing the design of certain elements, you can then choose the Primary or Secondary design to apply these settings to your assets.

We recommend selecting two different color schemes using the color palette already in place in your store. You can then alternate between the Primary and Secondary color schemes when designing your sections which helps you ensure the color scheme matches your store’s design.

Examples of Rewards Pages

You can learn more about the different features and order count included in each plan, on the pricing page here :)

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