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  1. Redeeming Store Credit through the cart/checkout page with the Apply Now button.

  2. How to insert the Apply Store Credit button in your store.

  3. Redeeming Store Credit in the Gift Card or Discount code field.

  4. How customers can find their loyalty card code.

Apply Now Button-

*Please notice, the 'Apply Store Credit' button is only available from 'Pro' plan and above.

The apply now button is an exclusive feature that allows customers to apply their credit with a click of a button.

This button will appear in the cart page when customers are logged in to their account and will show customers how much store credit they have. For Shopify Plus merchants, the button can appear in the checkout.

Here is an example of the Apply button on the cart page:

Ajax cart example:

Redeeming Store Credit at the Gift Card or Discount code field:

Customers without an account, or shops that are not on our 'Pro' plan, the credit can be redeemed by inserting the code on the Gift Card or Discount code field. 

How customers find their Loyalty Card code-

A loyalty card code is a code that is attached to each customer's account, and on which customers can accumulate all store credit they receive (meaning, each customer has one code).

Customers receive this code every time they receive a store credit email from your store, so they can just copy the code and paste it upon checkout.

This code appears in the account page as well-

Learn how to set this up here.

Customers can also find this code in the Rewards widget-

Learn how to set this up here.

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