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Rise & Klaviyo Integration - Store Credit Setup
Rise & Klaviyo Integration - Store Credit Setup
How Rise integrates with Klaviyo and allows you to send out all store credit rewards through the platform and create Store Credit campaigns.
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In this article you will find:

  1. How to send all reward emails through Klaviyo.

  2. How to send store credit campaigns through Klaviyo

How to send all reward emails through Klaviyo:

Firstly, make sure you have the integration active. To see how to do this, please check out this article.

In the Rise dashboard, Loyalty & Rewards tab, go to the workflow you are working on, and in the action, click the Notification section.

Then, click on the Klaviyo toggle -

If you have multiple tiers and actions in the workflow, make sure you follow these steps in each action box.

After saving, go to your Klaviyo dashboard -> Flows -> Create Flow

Choose "create from scratch" -> choose the metric option as the trigger -> choose the store credit metric -> click done.

After doing so, drag the email action to the correct location.

Then click the email action box, and turn off the "smart sending" option.

After doing so, click the configure content button, and choose how you'd like to design your email.

In the email's text section, you can add Rise properties that include - last_reward (the last reward given to the customer), loyalty_card_code, loyalty_card_balance (the total store credit balance the customer has), expiration_date and referral link.

After doing so, you're all set up! Once a customer is rewarded with store credit through your loyalty scheme, they will now be sent the email through Klaviyo.

Creating multiple email templates for multiple flows:

Every time a customer receives a reward through a workflow, the trigger will be activated. If you have multiple flows and you want to create different email templates for each flow, you can do so using conditions.

We don't have conditions to reward based on which workflow was used, so the only way to segment different emails for different workflows is using the reward amount (meaning, this only works for flows with a fixed amount, and not a percentage amount).

To do so, in the Klaviyo flow choose the 'Conditional Split' option -> Select Condition -> Properties about someone -> use the last_reward property.

How to send store credit campaigns emails through Klaviyo:

In addition to sending all reward emails through Klaviyo, you can send out reminder email campaigns and campaigns based on store credit balance through the platform. You can also include the customers' store credit balance in other emails you send out.

Step 1 - Create a new Segment:

Step 2- Define your segment based on - loyalty_card_code property:

Definition=> loyalty_cart_balance=>is at least [insert any amount you'd like] Then click on Create Segment.

Step 3 - Create a new campaign:

Click the Campaigns tab, then choose the new Segment (list) you created based on the loyalty card balance property.

step 4 - Choose an existing email template or create a new one, click on Insert Property to insert the loyalty card balance and loyalty card code fields anywhere you'd like in the email.

Step 5 - save your template and send out the emails!

Email example:

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