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How the referral program works

The Rise referral program was built to help you convert your loyal customers into brand ambassadors, by encouraging them to bring new customers to your store.

The program will allow your customers to refer their friends to your store whilst incentivizing them to purchase by providing a discount for their first purchase. Once the referred party creates a purchase from your store, the referrer will be rewarded as well, creating a win-win-win situation 😄

How exactly does it work you ask? Each customer has a unique referral link they can share with friends and family. Once the person they've shared the link with clicks the link, they will be sent your website, and a discount code will automatically be applied to their checkout.

They can then add items to their cart, and when proceeding to checkout, they will see the discount code on the checkout page.

Once they insert their email at checkout, Rise will make sure this is the customer's first purchase in the store (as our referral program rewards new customers only). If they have already purchased in your store in the past, the discount code will be canceled.

Then, once the referred party pays, the referrer will get their reward. All referral rewards are accumulated on the referrer's loyalty card code, which allows them to easily manage all rewards they've received from referrals.

How To Set Up Referrals:

1. Go to your Loyalty & Rewards tab, click on 'Create Workflow' and choose 'Referral Flow'.

2. You can leave the Workflow as is and activate, or customize by clicking the customize button

3. On this page, you will first be presented with the option to edit the discount value that is provided to the referred party while creating their first purchase.

You can choose to create a fixed discount that will be a fixed value regardless of how much the customer spends, or choose the 'percentage of' option, that will give a percentage of the total cart value.

4. Then, you can proceed to the action box. In the pre-made workflow, we've set up a reward for the referrer alone (you can also choose to reward the referred after the purchase as well).

Here you can choose how much you'd like to reward the referrer, and choose between a fixed reward and a percentage of reward (that will be a percentage of the referred's cart value). You can also choose the 'for every' reward, which will reward for every value amount (item price\total cart value\subtotal value).

To add a reward to the referred party after the purchase is made, simply click 'add action' -> 'Issue store credit to the referred'.

Here you can edit the reward that goes out to the referred after the purchase is made (on top of the initial discount they receive when creating the first purchase).

This is a great option if you'd like to create an incentive for the referred to come back to your store!

5. You can also add conditions to the referral. To do so, erase the action that appears in the pre-made Workflow and then click 'add condition'.

The conditions you can choose from are -

Order total price- will reward customers only if the referred's cart's value is above a certain price.

Order subtotal price- will reward the referrer only if the order subtotal price is above a certain value. Note that the subtotal value doesn't include shipping and tax in the calculation, but also doesn't take into account any discounts that were applied (meaning if the referred had a 10% discount for purchasing, the referrer will get the reward as if no discount was applied).

Product IDs- reward customers only if the referred purchases a certain product.

After adding the conditions, you can then add the action back into the Workflow by clicking 'add action'.

6. Once you're done, all you need to do is to test the Workflow and save 😊

Once your customers log in to their account they will have the option to generate their own referral link by clicking on ‘Get Your Link’ inside the widget:

Once generating the link, customers will be able to easily copy the link to then share on social platforms or send to friends.

To set this card up, go to the ‘Loyalty Assets’ tab in your Rise dashboard, and click the ‘Customize’ button for the Reward Widget.

Locate the Referral section and click the edit icon.

Inside the referral section, you can enable the referral card (making it visible on the reward widget), and you can also customize the text on the card:

Customers can also get a referral link without the widget. You can send out the referral link in all store credit emails your customers receive, by going to your email builder -> add section -> 'Referral link'

Rise automatically creates referral links to all customers who receive emails from Rise (gift card, store credit). It won't automatically be sent in the email, but only automatically created, and you will be able to see it in the customers' tab.

You can also manually create a referral link for customers who didn't receive emails through Rise in the Customers tab.

Important points

1. In order to track the customers that can receive a discount code from the referrals, we created a section in your 'Customers' tab in Shopify called ' Do Not Delete'. Make sure not to delete this!

2. If you have an automatic discount in your store, this will override the referral discount and will cancel the referral all together. Meaning, if you'd like to create a store-wide discount, we'd recommend creating it as a separate discount code that doesn't apply automatically and explaining to customers that they cannot use both codes at checkout.


Q: What is considered a “Successful referral”?

A: A successful referral is when a customer who has never purchased in the store before, clicks the referral link and purchases through that link.

Q: How does Rise prevent referral abuse?

A: When an order is made via a referral link our system checks that it was not made from the same email of the referrer. The system also checks that the IP address used on the purchase is different than the IP address used by the referrer.

Q: How can I test out the Referral program?

A: Because we don't reward customers where the referrer and the referred use the same IP address, you will have to make sure that when testing your referral program, the two accounts are on different IP addresses and that it is the referred's first purchase at your store.

Another option is to create a new customer that has never bought in your store (create an account in your store). Then head to your Customers tab in your Rise dashboard, search for this customer and open their card. From here all you need to do is copy their referral link, and test the referral program using this link 😄

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