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How to set up referrals:

  1. Go to your Loyalty & Rewards tab, click on 'Create Workflow' and choose 'Referral Flow'.

2. You can leave the Workflow as is and activate, or customize by pressing the customize button

4. In the 'Issue store credit' tab you can choose how much Store Credit you would like to give to the referrer (fixed or dynamic) and the Referred, fill out the email fields, and expiration date (fixed or dynamic). If you do not want to reward the referred, then un-check the referred box.

5. Once you're done, all you need to do is to save, test and enable the WorkFlow.

6. You can also add conditions to the referral. To do so, erase the action then add condition, and create the 'Issue store credit" action again.

The conditions you can choose from are -

Order total price- reward customers only if the referred cart is above a certain price.

Product IDs- reward customers only if the referred purchases a certain product.

7. After the WorkFlow is all set, enable/update your Rewards Widget to present the referral link to your store account owners.

Click the ‘Loyalty Assets’ tab, then click the ‘Customize’ button for the Reward Widget.

7. Locate the Referral section and click the edit icon.

8. Inside the referral section, you can enable or disable the referral card (making it visible or invisible on the reward widget). You can also customize the text on the card:

How your customers get their referral link:

Once your customers log in to their account they will have the option to generate their own referral link by clicking on ‘Get referral link’ inside the widget:

Now your customers can share the link with their friends via social media or any other channel, and get their rewards for purchases made via the referral link.

Customers can also get a referral link without the widget. You can send out the referral link in the store credit emails your customers receive, by going to your email builder -> add section -> Referral link

Customers who receive emails through Rise (gift card, store credit) will automatically be matched with a referral code. It won't automatically be sent in the email, but only automatically created, and you will be able to see it in the customers' tab.

You can also create a referral link for customers who didn't receive emails through Rise in the Customers tab. In the future, the customer will also be able to get his referral link via the account page ‘store credit’ pop-up.


Q: What is considered a “Successful referral”?

A: Successful referral is when a customer who has never purchased at the store before arrives at the store via the referral link. When the customer purchases something our system registers the referral link the initiated the purchase and awarded the referrer.

Please note that if the referred buys an item through a "Buy Now" button, the referral won't work.

Q: How does Rise prevent referral abuse?

A: When an order is made via a referral link our system checks that it was not made from the same email of the referrer. The system also checks that the IP address used on the purchase is different than the IP address used by the referrer.

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