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How Customers Can Check Their Store Credit Balance
How Customers Can Check Their Store Credit Balance

Enable your customers to check their store credit balance through their accounts or a Check Balance page.

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Rise offers you multiple tools to help your customers keep track of the store credit balance they have in your store.

In this article you will find:

How customers can check their store credit balance through Rise's store assets- rewards widget, rewards page, account page store credit button, check balance page and 'one click apply' button.

Rewards Widget

You can choose to add the Rise rewards widget to all pages in your Shopify store. This widget will show your customers their balance alongside their code and information regarding the promotions running in your store.

Account Page Store Credit Button

In the native Shopify customer's account page, you can add the 'Store Credit' button.

Clicking this button will open a pop-up containing the current store credit balance of the customer. 

Customers can add a gift card they received by clicking the 'Add Store Credit' button. This will add the gift card's credit to the customer's loyalty card code.

After adding a gift card to a loyalty card,  the gift card will be automatically disabled, and a note will be added to the gift card with the merge details. 

Rewards Page

You can implement the rewards page that allows you to have a separate page on your store that presents the customer's balance and more information regarding your rewards program.

Check Balance Page

Customers who don't have an account can check the balance on their loyalty card through the 'check balance page'.

Store credit reminders

You can choose to send customers with credit in their account a store credit reminder email that lets them know that they have credit left in their account.

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