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Set Up Gift Card & Store Credit Reminders
Set Up Gift Card & Store Credit Reminders

Learn how to use the Rise reminders tool to remind customers of their outstanding balance in your store.

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The reminders tool is an effective customer engagement tool that will help you get customers back to your store to spend the money they have remaining in your store. This can definitely help create long-term brand loyalty, so we encourage you to set it up! Learn how to do so in this article.

In this article we will cover:

  1. What is the reminders tool?

  2. How to set up gift card & store credit reminders.

  3. FAQ

Please note: this feature is available from the ‘Pro’ plan and above.

What is the reminders tool?

The reminders tool allows you to send out reminder emails regarding the outstanding balance remaining on their gift card or store credit codes.

These emails are a great way to increase redemption rate and create more engaged customers. There's nothing better than finding out you have free money to spend, and this will definitely help encourage customers to return to your store so they can spend the money they have left!

Setting up reminder emails

To set up this feature, head to your Rise dashboard -> Emails tab.

Here you will see the reminders set up module under the ‘Gift Card Emails’ section and under ‘Store Credit Emails’ section. This allows gift card reminders and store credit reminders to be customized separately based on different conditions.

To set up the reminders please proceed with the following steps:

1. Click ‘Preview & Edit’.

Here you will be able to customize the email’s text and design using our email tool, as you did for other emails you send through Rise.

Learn more about customizing the email template here.

2. Click ‘Edit Settings’

Here you can set up the conditions for sending the reminder email. There are several parameters you can customize:

  • How many reminders will be sent out?

Here you can choose the number of reminders in total that will be sent for the gift card code. For example, you can choose that if a customer has a code with balance on it, they will be reminded only 3 times regarding that code. It should be noted though, that if they have multiple codes in your store, they will be reminded of them separately (in this case, three times per code).

This is not an option for store credit reminders, because these are lifetime codes we don't limit the amount of reminders customers can receive.

  • How often would you like to send the gift card reminder?

This determines the time interval between each ‘gift card\store credit code action’ and the reminder email will be sent out. A ‘gift card action’ includes any action that the code was involved in. For example, when a gift card was purchased, when a reward was received, or when a code was used. If I chose a 30 day interval, this means that if a customer purchased a gift card, and didn’t use it within 30 days, they will receive a reminder. If they partially used it within 30 days, they will be reminded 30 days after the usage, and not 30 days after the purchase of the gift card (meaning the reminder email will be delayed). The next reminder after that will be sent out 30 days afterwards.

  • Minimum value for reminder to be sent out.

Here you can choose if you want to set a minimum balance remaining in the code in order for the customer to receive a reminder. For example, you can choose that codes with a balance under $5 won’t receive a reminder email. To do so, make sure to the toggle is activated and insert the desired balance.

3. Activate using the toggle.

4. Repeat these steps for both store credit and gift card reminders.

Important points to note:

  • The tool will work only on codes created after you’ve activated the feature. This means, any gift card or store credit code that was created beforehand will not be reminded.

  • Reminders will not be sent for codes created through the ‘bulk’ feature.


What time is the reminder email sent out?

The reminder email is sent out at the same time the last gift card action was completed. For example, if the gift card was purchased at 10am, the reminder will be sent out at 10am 30 days later.

What happens if I turn off the reminders?

Once you turn off the reminders using the toggle, store credit emails will not be sent out anymore, even if scheduled to be sent while the feature was on. Please note that once turning off this feature, this will reset any information previously collected and if you’d like to re-activate the feature it will be as if you have activated it from scratch.

What happens with scheduled gift cards?

The reminder will be sent X days after the gift card was received.

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