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Issuing Store Credit

How to issue store credit to your customers.

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Our 'Issue Store Credit' tool allows you to easily send branded store credit directly to your customers for any reason- compensation, reward, contest winners and more :)

How to send store credit:

Step 1 - Click on the 'Issue Store Credit' button on the dashboard header.

Step 2 - Search for a customer or fill in the customer’s details and the email content.

Step 3 - Choose an expiration date. If you'd like the credit to expire, you can un-check the 'Never expire' box and choose a dynamic or fixed expiration date.

Step 4 - Select a reason for sending store credit, click on the 'Send Store Credit' button and authorize the sending.

Once sent, the customer will receive an email that can be customized through your Rise dashboard -> Emails -> Store credit received.

Please note-

  • The store credit will be issued as a loyalty card code, or will be added to your customer's existing loyalty card. This code is attached to your customer's email and they will accumulate all credit and rewards they receive on it.

  • If the person doesn't have a customer created in Shopify (if they never purchased in your store, or never inserted their email), it will create a gift card code, that is not attached to their email (they will still be notified as usual).

  • You can manage all store credit given to customers through the 'Customers' tab. The credit will be tagged as "Manually Issued", in the customer's account, with the reason and note.

  • Customer account - customers can see their store credit balance when logging into their store account in the account page, store widget and rewards page. Customers without an account can see their balance on the check balance page, which you can set up through the Rise dashboard.

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