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How to issue store credit for returned orders through your Shopify admin.

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Issue Store Credit for returns:

In order to issue store credit for returns, go to your Shopify admin -> Orders -> choose the order that was returned -> click on 'More Actions' -> click on 'Refund with store credit'.

After you've clicked on the 'Refund with store credit' button, a new window will open with the order and customer details already filled out.

Please note- your Rise dashboard must be open in the background for this to work! We recommend opening your dashboard at the beginning of each day to make refunds a breeze 😊

In this window you can edit:

1. Which items you'd like to issue a refund for.

2. If you'd like to restock the item or not - you can do this at the bottom of the product list.

3. If you'd like to include tax in the refund- this will add the relative tax that was taken on each item you are issuing a refund on.

4. If you'd like to include shipping in the refund- this will add shipping that was charged for the entire order.

5. Internal note - will appear only on the order notes and the order timeline (the note won't be sent to the customer). You can filter your refunds based on notes by exporting a CSV file from the Orders tab.

6. Add an email address for customers who checked out with their phone number.

7. Choose if you want to send an email to the customer informing them that they got the credit by making sure the 'send a notification to the customer' is checked.

8. Add a dynamic or fixed expiration date.

Note- if a discount was used in the order, we will deduct the relative amount of the discount off each item :)

Once you've finished filling out the fields, click on 'Send Store Credit'. Following this, a pop-up will open up verifying that the credit was created.

You can click on 'See Customer Account' to see the customer details inside the Rise dashboard:

Or you can just close the tab and continue within the Shopify dashboard.

If you checked the 'send a notification to the customer' checkbox, an email will be sent to the customer. The email can be customized in the Rise dashboard in the 'Emails' tab under store credit emails -> refund. Here's an example of the email that will be sent:

After refunding an order, you will see that the note has been added on the order page:

And to the order timeline:

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