Please NOTE*: This feature is only available for the Pro plan and above. If this tool is used during your free trial period, the trial period automatically ends.

*Unless you are migrating to Rise from another loyalty platform. A one-time upload is included in every plan.

In this article, you will learn:

  • What the tool is;

  • Why you would use it; and

  • How to use it

What is the bulk store credit tool?

Our tool allows you to award your customers with store credit, or adjust their existing store credit balances, in bulk. Whilst our automatic flows reward your customers based on their activity, this tool allows you to reward your customers at any time (without them having to meet the specific conditions set up in the flows).

Why use this tool?

  1. Campaigns: create store credit campaigns customers and generate more revenue. Read how Dr Squatch did so here.

  2. Update customers’ existing store credit balances in bulk.

  3. Migrate existing store credit and balances - learn more here.

How to issue store credit in bulk:

Step 1: Go to the Rise dashboard -> Store Credit tab -> Create bulk campaign

Step 2: Click ‘Create Bulk’

Step 3: Select ‘Loyalty Cards’

Step 4: Follow the instructions outlined for you (as seen in the screenshot below):

Please NOTE:

When you download the CSV template, please:

  • Leave the first row (with the headings) exactly as is. If you make any adjustments, the file won’t upload.

  • Delete the contents in the second row - this is just an example for you to see which information to insert.

  • Code column: You can leave this blank if you’d like us to generate the codes for you. However, if you’d like to create your own codes, please ensure they are between 8- 20 alphanumeric characters only (per Shopify’s requirements).

  • Adjust_amount: Insert the store credit value without currency symbol - i.e only digits (no other characters).

  • Expires_on: Insert expiration date, or leave blank if you do not want gift cards to expire.

  • Customer_name & customer_email: you can leave the ‘customer_name’ field blank, however ‘customer_email’ is mandatory.

  • Reason & note: Here you can insert information that will only be viewed by your team via the Rise dashboard (see screenshots below). This allows you to keep track of why you have created these codes, or include any other details. Please note that the ‘reason’ or ‘note’ cannot be edited once the loyalty card has been created.

Step 5: Once you have successfully uploaded your CSV file, please insert the campaign name.

There is also the option to select ‘zero out existing balance before updating’. This will reset your customers’ store credit balances to zero before updating the new balance. Please do not tick this box if you’d like to add store credit to your customers’ existing balances.

Step 6: Create & Approve

Once you approve your campaign, you’ll see that the status is ‘Running’ (see screenshot below). IMPORTANT: Please do not click on your bulk upload until the status is ‘Completed’.

Export: Once the upload is complete, you can export your campaign details. Click the export button (as seen in the screenshot above) to download your CSV file. You can then upload this to your CRM platform to send the codes to your customers.

Performance: You can track the performance of your campaign by clicking on the ‘Performance’ button. Learn more here.

Delete: The delete button will permanently remove your ability to export the file of the codes you have created. However, it does not delete the gift card codes, they will still exist and can still be redeemed. If you’d like to prevent customers from using the codes, you can adjust the gift card balance to ‘0’ or disable the gift cards through the Rise dashboard - learn more here.

Step 7: NOTE: This tool does NOT notify your customers that they received store credit. To notify your customers, please export the CSV file and upload it to whichever email marketing tool you use.

TIP 1: We integrate with Klaviyo - read how Cuts Clothing used our bulk loyalty tool and integration with Klaviyo for their BFCM store credit campaign.

TIP 2: You can use our reminders tool to send email notifications to your customers, reminding them to redeem their store credit.

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