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In this article we are going to cover-

  1. How to migrate to Rise?

  2. Does Rise track customers’ previous order history? 

How to migrate to Rise?

First off, you need to decide how much each of your points are worth. 

We know that most loyalty programs use a point system. However, Rise’s loyalty program uses store credit as rewards, because we understand that a point system can be confusing to your customers, making it harder for them to redeem their points (you can check out an article covering this topic here).

So, now you must decide, how many points equal one dollar?

After deciding, please provide us with a CSV file including the following-

  • Code (you can leave this empty if your customers don’t already have a unique code)

  • Balance (in store credit, or in points, and we can do the conversion for you, no need to add currency)

  • Expiration date (you can leave this empty if there is no expiration date, mm/dd format)

  • Customer’s first name

  • Customer’s last name

  • Customer’s email address

Please make sure that your CSV exactly matches the following format:

After creating the CSV, please upload it to this form and we will upload it to Rise for you :)

Does Rise track previous order history? 

Rise tracks previous order history. This means that if you would like to set up a loyalty program that rewards your customers based on the lifetime spent in your store, it will include all of your customers’ purchases, even ones made before setting up the program. 

 Note: this will not reward customers retroactively, it will only send out a reward once the customer creates a new purchase

Is it possible to migrate referral links? 

You can’t migrate your existing referral links into Rise, because we need to be able to track these links. 

Your customers will be able to create a new link once you migrate to Rise. 

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