Rise offers a complete Gift Card Management tool that empowers your CS teams and gives them all the necessary tools to decrease support ticket time and customer friction.
In this article we'll go over these tools as well as analytics tools, to give you a bird's eye view of how Gift Cards are used in your store.

In this article you will learn:

  1. How to manage your issued Gift Cards & store credit, and export data files.

  2. How to see Gift Cards details and customer info.

  3. How to change the balance of a Gift Card, re-send it or disable it.

  4. How to manage all orders that used Gift Cards or store credit.

Managing your Store Credit:

Store credit tab: For every Gift Card and Loyalty Card- you can see exactly what it was used for.
You can easily export all the data in your activity page, using the Export button, as well as import your old Shopify cards into our system (reach out to the Rise support team to do so).

To learn more about the export feature, check out this article.

Search Bar: In the search bar, you can input the buyer/recipient name, buyer/recipient email, or order number. This will present the full Gift Card code, allowing you to re-send it to the customer who lost it.

Gift Card details: 

As you can see, the Gift Card code is available to the CS team. You can also see the order number (linked to the order on Shopify), the location of purchase and date the card was last used.

Managing Scheduled Gift Cards:
Customers are able to utilize the "Scheduling" option when sending a gift to friends or family, allowing them to easily plan and process their gift card before the date it's actually to be gifted.
When one of your customers purchases a scheduled Gift Card, we mark it as unfulfilled in your Rise dashboard until the scheduled send date. You will be able to see this in the "Store Credit" section.

You can view the scheduled date inside the "Card details" section or the Shopify Order:

Once the date has been reached, we will automatically fulfill the order in both your Rise and Shopify dashboards.

When does it send?
Are you sending a scheduled gift card to your Aunt in Australia? When will she receive it?
When scheduling a gift card, we make sure to send it on the date you select, at the same hour you completed your purchase.
E.g. I am living in New York purchased a scheduled Gift Card on the 24th of December at 9:00 AM to be sent on the 25th of December.
This gift card is being sent to my Aunt in London.
This Gift Card will be sent on the 25th of December at 9:00 AM New York Time, so my Aunt in London will receive it at 02:00 PM.

Changing Gift Card balance:

Clicking the Change Balance button will enable your CS team to alter the value of the Gift Card.

Re-send Card:

You can re-send Gift Cards by clicking the Resend Gift Card button. This button lets you choose the email the Gift Card is sent to, in case the customer made a mistake entering the email.

Disabling a Gift Card: You can disable a Gift Card anytime at any case by simply pressing the Disable Gift Card button on the bottom of the Gift Card details page.

Managing orders that have used store credit:

To all orders that were paid with Rise's gift cards or loyalty cards, Rise will add a tag to the order according to which type of card was used (gift card\loyalty). This allows you to keep track of all orders in which your Rise programs were involved, to help you better understand the utilization of your gift cards and rewards.

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