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How to Create an Account Creation Reward
How to Create an Account Creation Reward

Get your customers connected to your store by encouraging them to open an account.

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In this article we are going to cover-

  1. What is the ‘Account Creation' workflow

  2. The Value of this workflow

  3. How to set up this workflow

The ‘Create Account get Reward’ Workflow
Upon the creation of a new account, the customer will be rewarded with store credit. The customer will receive an email with the store credit they achieved and will be able to view the credit in all Rise assets (rewards widget, rewards page, account page module).

The value of this workflow
Customer accounts increase repeat sales and help you build a deeper relationship with your customers. By creating an account, customers can securely save payment methods, shipping addresses, shopping carts and order information, creating a faster seamless checkout experience.

According to our data, customers with accounts that are part of a loyalty program, are 36% more likely to return to your store, and have an average cart value that is 39% higher than customers without accounts.

What industries will benefit the most from this program?
Beauty and Personal Care

Apparel & Fashion

Home goods

Toys & Games


How to set up this workflow
In your Rise dashboard go to your Workflows tab, and choose the ‘Account Creation’ workflow.

1. To customize, just click the customize button.

Please note: because this workflow rewards customers without them needing to purchase, we recommend that you use the 'Issue Limited Credit' option instead of the ordinary store credit. This will create a code that can't be accumulated with other codes, making sure customers don't abuse the program.

2. Once clicking the 'Issue Limited Store Credit' box, you can click on the ‘Notifications’ icon to customize the content of the email that is sent to your customers once receiving a reward.

3. To create an expiry date to the store credit issued, check the ‘Add expiration date’ checkbox in the ‘Issue Store Credit’ tab, and add an expiry date.

4. To test the functionality of the workflow, just press the ‘Test workflow’ button. (Learn more about that here).

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