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How to Create an AOV Booster Flow
How to Create an AOV Booster Flow

Encourage your customers to increase their total cart value by giving credit based on their spending amount.

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In this article you will find-

  1. What is the AOV Booster workflow?

  2. The value in this workflow.

  3. How to set up this workflow.

The AOV Booster Workflow
This workflow rewards customers with better rewards, the higher their cart value is in one purchase. 

To achieve the best results for this workflow, we recommend analyzing your current AOV and building the workflow so that the bottom threshold for a reward is just above it.

The value of the AOV boosting workflow
This workflow helps incentivize your customers to increase their cart value by giving them better rewards the more they purchase. It will encourage them to purchase that extra item they had an eye on, to get a better reward. 

This will help you receive more from each customer, increasing your revenue from the investment made on requiring and retaining your customers.

What industries will benefit the most from this program?
This workflow is best for industries where even loyal customers purchase only once in a while, so every purchase counts! For example-

  • Travel and Camping equipment

  • Electronics

  • Sport and fitness supplies

  • Apparel and Fashion

  • Luxury Goods 

How to set up this workflow
In your Rise dashboard go to your Workflows tab, and choose the ‘Average Order Value Booster’ flow.

You can leave it as is and activate it immediately, or customize it to your store’s AOV goals-

1. To customize, just click the customize button and change the AOV tiers and the reward value to your preferences. 

2. In the ‘Issue Store Credit’ tab, you can click the 'Notifications' icon to customize the content of the email that is sent to your customers once receiving a reward.

3. To create an expiry date for the store credit issued, check the ‘Add expiration date’ checkbox in the ‘Issue Store Credit’ tab, and add an expiry date.

4. To test the functionality of the workflow, just press the 'Test workflow' button.             (Learn more about that here).

Note: This workflow must be built from the highest balance to the lowest in order for your customers to be rewarded correctly.

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