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How to Create a Punch Card Flow
How to Create a Punch Card Flow

Reward your customers for the number of purchases they make in your store.

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In this article you will find- 

  1. What is the ‘Punch Card’ workflow

  2. What the value is in this workflow

  3. How to set up this workflow

The 'Punch Card' workflow

This workflow rewards customers for every number of purchases they make in your store. For instance, you would use this workflow to provide your customers with a store credit reward after 5, 10, 15 and 20 purchases, just like a physical punch-card. 

The value in this workflow 

This workflow encourages customers to come back to your store to make more purchases in order to receive a reward. Your already loyal customers will be purchasing more frequently after implementing this flow.  

How to set up this workflow

In your Rise dashboard go to your Workflows tab, and choose the ‘Punch Card’ workflow.

You can leave it as is, and activate it immediately, or customize the rewards and conditions to your liking-

1. To customize, just click the customize button. On this page, you can change the number of purchases for a reward amount, and change the reward’s value, by changing the ‘orders count’ condition and the ‘issue store credit’ action.

2. In the ‘Issue Store Credit’ tab, you can click on the ‘Notifications’ icon to customize the content of the email that is sent to your customers once receiving a reward.

3. To create an expiry date to the store credit issued, check the ‘Add expiration date’ checkbox in the ‘Issue Store Credit’ tab, and add an expiry date.

4. To test the functionality of the workflow click 'Test workflow'. (Learn more         about that here).

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