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How to Create a Reward for Every Purchase Flow
How to Create a Reward for Every Purchase Flow

How to create a reward for every purchase a customer completes in your store.

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In this article you will find- 

  1. What is the ‘Reward for Every Purchase’ Workflow?

  2. The value of this Workflow

  3. How to set up this Workflow

The ‘Reward for Every Purchase’ Workflow?
This Workflow rewards customers with cashback worth a percentage of their cart value for every purchase they make.

The Value of this Workflow
Sending credit for every purchase will not only incentivize your customers to create the purchase in order to receive the reward, but it will also encourage them to come back faster purchasing more.

This offer is great because it is very straightforward and easy for your customers to understand, which helps encourage them to strive to achieve it. 

What industries will benefit the most from this program?
This is best for industries that customers have a high return rate, and you would like them to stay loyal, feel appreciated and return faster.

  • Health & Wellness  

  • Food services

  • Pet supplies

How to set up this Workflow
In your Rise dashboard go to your Workflows tab, and choose the ‘Reward for Every Purchase’ Workflow.

You can leave it as is and activate it immediately, or customize the cashback percentage to your liking- 

  1. To customize, just click the customize button and press the ‘Issue Store Credit’ action. Then just change the store credit cashback percentage to your liking.

2. In the ‘Issue Store Credit’ tab, you can customize the content of the email that is sent to your customers once receiving a reward.

 3. To create an expiry date to the store credit issued, un-check the never expire box   in the ‘Issue Store Credit’ tab, and add an expiry date.

 4. To test the functionality of the Workflow, just press test Workflow. (Learn more         about that here).

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