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Manage Customers in the Customers Tab
Manage Customers in the Customers Tab

Enable and manage customers’ Store Credit accounts through your Rise dashboard.

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In this article you will find:

  1. How to manage your customers' accounts through your Customers tab.

  2. When a Loyalty Card code is created.

  3. How to track the Store Credit issued and used by each customer.

  4. How to regenerate a Loyalty Card code.

Managing your customers through your Customers tab:

Through your customers tab, you can manage your entire customer list. In this tab you will see:

  • The customer’s name and email.

  • Total spent - the lifetime value of the customer.

  • Credit balance - the balance on the customer’s account.

  • Loyalty card code - this is the code which all store credit and rewards will be stored on for each customer that has an account in your store.

  • Status - member (with a store account) or non-member (without a store account). Please note that only customers with a store account will be able to take advantage of the 'one-click apply' button and accumulating store credit using one code. 

  • Adjust balance button - manually adjust the store credit balance for specific customers (this doesn't send a notification to your customer).

  • Create loyalty button - create a loyalty card code with an initial balance (this doesn't send a notification to your customer)..

You can search for specific customers via the search bar using the customer's email or name.

If you click on a customer, you’ll be able to see the customers details and store credit history:

In the credit history logger (right side in the customer account), you'll be able to see when and why the customer received store credit, and on which orders they used it.

In this tab you can also see your customers' referral link and other information like AOV and total spent. 

When is a Loyalty Card code created?

A loyalty card code can be created in a few cases:

  • As a reward through the workflows.

  • Manually issued through the 'Issue Store Credit' button in the dashboard.

  • As a refund through the 'Orders' tab in your Shopify admin

  • Manually created through the 'Customers' tab

  • Created through a bulk loyalty upload.

How to regenerate a loyalty card code

If you have accidentally disabled a loyalty card, you can regenerate the code. This means that your customer will still have access to existing store credit.

If the customer has an account with your store, the new loyalty code will automatically be updated on their account page and widget (once signed in).

Regenerating a new code will not send a notification to your customer (and there is no need to do so).


  • Rise dashboard -> Customers tab -> search for a customer -> click on the refresh button (see screenshot below) and follow the prompts!

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