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  1. How to disable a WorkFlow without deleting it.

  2. How to delete a WorkFlow.

Disabling a WorkFlow

Created a WorkFlow but not sure if you want to use it yet? Used a WorkFlow for a holiday and want to save it for next year?
No problem, you can easily disable your WorkFlow through your Rise dashboard.

Go to your Loyalty & Rewards tab, and enter the desired WorkFlow. If the switch is green, then it is enabled.

In order to disable it, just click the switch and it will go from green to gray.
Don't forget to hit "save" after you do so 😉

You will see at the main page in the WorkFlows tab that it has gone 'inactive'.

This now means that the WorkFlow will not issue rewards at your store, but you can go in and activate it again at any time.

Deleting a WorkFlow
If you'd like to completely delete a WorkFlow, click on the three dots in the upper right corner and click "Delete WorkFlow".

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