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Multi-Store Solution for Loyalty Programs
Multi-Store Solution for Loyalty Programs

Set up a loyalty program that will work across multiple stores

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Please note- this solution is open to our customers on the Enterprise plan only.

In this article we cover:

What is this solution?

The Multi-Store Solution for Loyalty Programs enables you to operate a unified loyalty program that works across multiple stores. This allows customers to redeem credit and earn rewards at all of your store locations.

How to set up Rise with multiple stores

  1. Download Rise on all of the URLs.

  2. Send the list of stores to your account manager.

  3. We will link these stores in our backend and from there you can set up the loyalty program you are interested in.

How it works

Because Rise's loyalty cards are attached to the customer's store account which is different in each store, customers do not have the option to have a single loyalty card linked to all their accounts across different stores. As a result, the accumulated credit for purchases made in each store is attributed a different code in each store.

However, with the implementation of the Multi-Store Solution, customers gain the ability to redeem the credit received on a specific code in all connected stores. This means that even though the code is not directly linked to their account in a particular store, they can still utilize it for redemption in stores where it was not initially issued.

For instance, let's consider the example of Betty. She receives $10 credit in store A, resulting in the creation of a loyalty card attached to her account in store A, with the code ABC123. If Betty visits store B, she can use code ABC123 to redeem the credit she received in store A. However, any credit earned in store B, would be added to a new code, DEF456, which would be linked to her account in store B.

In summary

For redemption: Customers can use any of the codes they received in all connected stores to redeem credit earned from their purchases.

For accumulation: Each store assigns a separate code to customers, resulting in the accumulation of credit on a code specific to that store.

Setting up your Loyalty Program

To set up a unified loyalty program that will work in all stores, you will need to set up the flows in the Loyalty & Rewards tab in your Rise dashboard in each store separately. You can also choose to have different reward programs in your different stores by simply setting up the flows differently in each store. This won't effect the ability to redeem credit throughout all stores.

Importing credit from other platforms

If you'd like to import credit from another platform on to your stores you can do so using our 'Bulk Loyalty' feature (learn more about migrating your loyalty program here). Using this feature you can upload a list of customers and the credit you want them to have in their account. Please note that the store you upload the file to is the store where the credit will be attached to the customer's account. In the other stores the code will be uploaded without being attached to an account. We recommend uploading the credit to the original store the credit was issued in.

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