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Multi-Store Setup and Management
Multi-Store Setup and Management
For merchants with multiple domains, understand how to set up, manage, adjust and edit gift cards after downloading Rise.
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In this article we cover

  1. The requirements on activating the multi-store solution.

  2. How to set up Rise with multiple stores.

  3. Managing gift cards when on the multi-store solution.

Requirements for the multi-store solution

To make use of our multi-store setup, you must be subscribed to Rise on the Enterprise plan.

How to Set Up Rise with Multiple Stores

Step 1. Download Rise on each of the store URLs.

Step 2. Send us a list of the store URLs (*** to [email protected] or to your account manager and let us know that you are looking at the multistore option.

Step 3. Our Dev team will make sure the stores are linked in our backend, there is nothing else you need to do on your side.

Managing Gift Cards

Gift Cards & Loyalty Cards: Once you have set up with Rise across multiple stores, all Gift Cards and Loyalty Cards can be redeemed in any of the other stores. For example, if I have one store in the U.S. and one in the U.K., a customer purchasing a gift card in the U.S. store will be able to go to the U.K. store and utilize their gift card.

Before the card is used, the listing will only appear in the “Store Credit” section for the store it was actually purchased on (in the U.S. store in our above example.)

Once this gift card is used in a different store, it will appear in the new store’s “Store Credit” section with the updated balance. In the original store, it will appear as “Unfulfilled” (In the U.S. store, it will be marked as “Unfulfilled” once it is used in the U.K. store.)

Bulk Gift Cards: To understand what ‘Bulk uploads’ are and how to do them, please see this article. When you want to create a bulk upload for your multiple stores, you will have to upload the same file to each of the stores individually.

  1. For Manual Bulks: Create the upload in one store to generate the codes. Once the upload is complete, download the CSV. file and use it to upload the codes into the other stores using the CSV. upload tool.

  2. For CSV. Bulks: Simply create a csv. file in the format advised in the dashboard and upload the same file to each store.

If you need anything, please contact us at [email protected], or in the chat box.

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