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  1. How to activate Klaviyo integration
  2. How to send Store Credit balance reminders emails through Klaviyo

How to Activate the Integration:

Step 1 - Go to your Klaviyo dashboard and create a new private API key. You can follow this link to see how:

Step 2 - Go to Integrations in your Rise dashboard=>Integrations=>Activate the Klaviyo integration and insert your private API key in the token box:

Once it's synced, all of your customers’ loyalty card codes and balances will be imported into Klaviyo, and you'll be able to filter customers and send emails based on customers’ remaining Store Credit and codes.

 How to send Store Credit balance reminders emails through Klaviyo:

Step 1 - Create a new Segment:

Step 2- Define your segment based on - loyalty_card_code property:

Definition=> loyalty_cart_balance=>is at least [insert any amount you'd like] Then click on Create Segment.

Step 3 - Create a new campaign:

Click the Campaigns tab, then choose the new Segment (list) you created based on the loyalty card balance property.

step 4 - Choose an existing email template or create a new one, click on Insert Property to insert the loyalty card balance and loyalty card code fields anywhere you'd like in the email.

Step 5 - save your template and send out the emails!

Email example:

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