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How to Create a Dedicated Referrals Page
How to Create a Dedicated Referrals Page

Learn how to promote and explain your Referrals Program to customers

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Please note: If you are on the Small-business plan and above, this is for you! If not, you can upgrade your plan here.

Use the Rise Rewards Page feature to create a dedicated Referrals Program page.

Follow these steps to set this up:

Step 1: Activate the Rewards Page through the Rise dashboard -> Loyalty assets -> Rewards page -> Create page

A few things to note:

When you click on the “Create page” button, a new dedicated page in your Shopify store will be generated.

You can use the “Pages” option in Shopify to edit the location of your “Rewards page”, but all the design and layout changes must be made in the “Rewards page” editor on the Rise dashboard.

Please do not make any changes to the ‘content’ section of the page in your Shopify admin (see screenshot below), as this will inhibit the Rewards Page from behaving as expected.

If you would like to hide the Rewards page from your customers, simply change the Page "Visibility" to "Hidden" (see below):

Step 2: Design your Referrals Page using the Rewards page builder.

Instead of explaining your entire loyalty program (if you have one) to your customers, you can focus on explaining how your Referrals Program works, and how they (and their friends) can benefit.

To learn how to navigate the Rewards page builder, click here.

Some ideas:

Use the ‘Welcome’ section to introduce the Referrals Program (see below):

Follow this by the Referrals section. In this section, new customers can join your Referrals Program.

Once a customer joins, a unique referral link is created which can be shared directly from the Referrals page via social media platforms (see below):

You can then follow this by the ‘How to Redeem’ section which provides customers with clear instructions on how to redeem store credit earned from their referrals.

You also have the option to include another section and FAQs!

Step 3: Finally, ensure your Referrals Program is promoted on your website. Visibility is key!

We recommend promoting the Referrals Program on your homepage, in your navigation and in the Rewards Widget as such:

To learn more about the Rewards Widget, click here.

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