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Integrating your Gift Cards to Shopify POS
Integrating your Gift Cards to Shopify POS

How Rise’s Gift Card program integrates with Shopify POS to allow customers to purchase and redeem gift cards through your Shopify POS.

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In this article we are going to cover-

  1. How to activate Rise’s integration with Shopify POS

  2. How customers can purchase gift cards through your Shopify POS

  3. How customers can redeem store credit using Shopify POS

If you'd like to learn about this topic in video format, Sam from the customer success team has got you covered-

Activating the Shopify POS integration

Rise automatically integrates with your Shopify POS. Please make sure your POS is on the same account as your online store.

If your physical and online stores are under different Shopify accounts, you can use the “Multiple store” option, to learn more please reach out to us 😊

Purchasing Gift Cards through Shopify POS

To create physical gift cards to sell in your brick and mortar store, check out this article.

You can also sell digital gift cards in your POS, just make sure that you insert the customer’s email upon checkout, and we will send the gift card to that email address. Please note, the “Send as a gift” option is not available with Shopify POS. Learn how to create digital gift cards here.

Redeeming store credit using Shopify POS

When proceeding to checkout, you can choose gift cards as the payment method, and then choose if you want to scan a QR code or barcode (you can print a QR code on your physical card, and add a QR code to all gift card emails). You can also manually insert the code.

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