Physical Gift Cards

How to sell and manage physical Gift Cards at your online store.

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In this article you will find:

  1. How to create codes for physical gift cards.

  2. How to manage physical gift cards at your offline and online store.

  3. How to sell and redeem physical gift cards in Shopify POS.

  4. FAQ's.

Create codes for physical Gift Cards:

Rise enables you easily create physical gift cards. Our system can create codes with values you selected, which you can export to a CSV file. The codes on this file can be printed on to physical gift cards at any print house near you, saving you money on shipping and long waits. 

Creating the codes for gift cards can be done with our Bulk Gift Card Manual tool.

To do so, in the Rise dashboard head to the Campaigns tab -> Create bulk -> Gift cards -> Generate codes.

Here you can choose the different values of the gift cards and the amount of each value.

This will generate codes with these balances that can be redeemed in your store.

More info:

  • You can create as many codes as you'd like within your plan limit. 

  • Designing your gift cards with your logo and branding can be done on your own or using a 3rd party company that has pre-made templates. Insert the generated codes to your designed cards (manually or through a 3rd party company).

  • Print the cards using our integration with E-Card Systems (see FAQs below for more details), or any print house near you.

Manage physical Gift Cards at your online store:

  • You can easily change the balance and manage the physical gift cards you sent through the Store Credit tab. Read an article about the Gift Card management board to know how to adjust the balance and edit details on your gift cards.

  • Redeeming the gift cards:

    Customers will be able to redeem their physical gift card just like a digital gift card at your online shop (insert code at checkout), or in the POS using the code or scanning the QR code you print on the cards. For more information about Rise’s integration with Shopify POS click here

  • Selling physical gift cards:

    To sell the physical gift cards you can create a physical gift card product in your Shopify store. To do so, in your Shopify admin go to 'All Products' and create a physical gift card product (just as any other product on Shopify). You can then send this out to your customers upon purchase.

    You can also sell your physical gift card in other sales channels as well - Brick-and-Mortar stores, B2B, etc.


Q: How\Where can I print the gift cards?

A: For USA merchants, we have partnered with E-Card Systems to make the process of creating physical gift cards simpler.


  1. Ensure your design is ready (per requirements in the link below); and

  2. Use our bulk gift card code generator to create codes (and export file once complete)

Please click here to upload your gift card design, select your card finish and production time. You can also access this through the Rise dashboard -> Store Credit tab -> Create bulk campaign -> Create Physical Gift Cards:

You will then receive a follow-up email from E-Card Systems to preview and confirm the design. Once you confirm (or make any changes), you will then send them the Rise gift card codes.

You can also request that QR codes be printed on the gift cards so that they can be scanned in your Shopify POS.

If you are not USA-based or want to consider other options, look into PlasticPrinters and DuraCards.

If you want to add a QR code to your printed gift cards, please make sure the code is in the following format:


Q: What are the dimensions of a plastic gift card?

A: Standard (CR 80) Gift Card size is 3 3/8” (width) x 2 1/8” (height) x 0.30 mil (thickness). The card's dimensions are the same as a standard credit card.

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