In this article we cover-

  1. How to create your gift card product.

  2. How to set up the gift card product in your store.

  3. How the Rise Gift Card appears in your store.

If you're more of a video type person, you can learn about the gift card experience and how you can set it up on your end, in this video-

Creating Your Gift Card Product

To create your gift card product, go to your Rise dashboard -> Gift Card tab.

Here you can customize different aspects of your gift card-

  1. Product Title - you can go for the casual "Gift Card" or think of a creative name that fits your brand.

  2. Product Description - insert a simple explanation about the Gift Card and its benefits, like in our basic template.

  3. Product Image- choose an image that fits your brand's style. You can easily customize a gift card image using Canva.

  4. Expiration Date - you can decide when/if the Gift Cards will expire (in months, from date of purchase).

  5. Variants - add as many variants as you like. There's no limit 😉. You can also set up a custom value option (learn more here).

  6. Create discounted gift cards (learn more about how to set this up here).

You can see your new Gift Card product page live at your store by clicking on See Product Page:

Setting up your Gift Card on your Shopify site

Once you have created your gift card product page, Rise creates a new product in your Shopify store, that acts just like any other product in your store.

You can find this product in your Shopify admin -> Products -> All products

To assign your new Gift Card product to your website's menu, you can do so as you would any other product on Shopify- go to your Shopify admin -> 'Online Store' -> 'Navigation' tab and add the Gift Card to the desired location.

We recommend adding the Gift Card product to the main menu in your store, so customers can know that you sell gift cards!

How the Rise Gift Card appears in your store

Once your Gift Card Product is active in your store, you will see 2 buttons on your Gift Card page - Your regular “Add To Cart” button and our gift button.

When purchasing a Gift Card through the “Add To Cart” button, the Gift Card will be sent to the buyer.

Clicking the Send as a Gift button will open a pop-up, allowing the buyer to fill out a greeting card, schedule the gift card, add images from a gallery and send the Gift Card straight to the gift recipient.

To style this pop up, have a look at this article.

Customers can purchase multiple gift cards and send the gift cards to different recipients in one order. To do so, all they need to do is click on the 'send as a gift' button, insert the recipient details and click 'add to cart'. This process is repeated for additional recipients.

Once they reach the cart page, they will see all gift cards with the corresponding recipient details and personalized greeting messages.

You can also remove the “Add To Cart” button leaving only the gift button by contacting our support team, this is our recommended set up.

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