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In this article we are going to cover-

  1. How you can migrate existing gift cards to your Shopify store, through Rise.

  2. How to migrate existing Shopify Gift Cards into Rise.

Migrating Gift Cards into Shopify
With Rise, you can migrate into Shopify existing gift cards you created on other e-commerce platforms, or gift cards that were created for other purposes.

Rise will create these gift cards in Shopify and they will work in your online website and your Shopify POS. You will be able to manage them in your Rise dashboard and send reminders to your customers who haven't redeemed them yet.

To migrate your gift cards into Rise, please provide us with a CSV file including the following-

  • Code (must be over 8 digits)

  • Balance (we will upload the gift cards in the currency your Shopify admin is set to, no need to add currency)

  • Expiration date (you can leave this empty if there is no expiration date, mm\dd format)

  • Customer’s first name

  • Customer’s last name

  • Customer’s email address

Please make sure that your CSV exactly matches the following format:

After creating the CSV, please upload it to this form and we will upload it to Rise for you :)

Migrating existing Shopify Gift Cards into Rise

We can migrate your Shopify Gift Cards into Rise, to allow you to manage them in your Rise dashboard, and send reminder emails.

To do so, please reach out to the Rise support team.

Please note, because Shopify only saves the last four digits of every gift card, we can only upload the gift cards with those 4 digits. When sending the code out to customers with reminder emails, it will only send the last 4 digits.

All the new codes you create through Rise, will present the full code in your Rise dashboard 😊.

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