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How to activate your Rise<>ReCharge integration

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In this article we cover -

  1. How the Rise & Recharge Gift Card integration works

  2. How to activate the integration

  3. Recommended setup

  4. FAQ

* Please note that this integration is open to our customers on the Pro plan only.

The Rise and Recharge integration

This integration adds a gift card section to your Recharge checkout, which will then allow customers to redeem their Rise gift cards through Recharge!

The Gift Card box appears in the billing & payment section of the Recharge checkout.

Please note- this box is separate from the discount box in the checkout. Meaning, if a customer inserts their gift card code in the discount section, it will not work!

The Gift Card will be valid for the initial purchase alone, meaning, if the subscription is set up to be a recurring monthly charge, the gift card will work for the first month only. Having said that, if you set up your subscriptions to be prepaid, the entire subscription period can be covered by the gift card.

The integration also allows you to utilize the Rise Loyalty & Rewards program on top of the Gift Card program πŸ˜„

Activate the Integration

To activate the integration, all you need to do is go to your Recharge dashboard -> Integrations, and activate the Rise integration-

As seen in the screenshot below, please select the integration for the 'Gift Cards' (not the e-gift option).

This will add the gift card box in your Recharge checkout enabling customers to redeem gift cards & store credit at checkout πŸ˜ƒ

Afterward, you can go to your Rise dashboard and set up your Rise Gift Card and Loyalty programs.

Please note- when setting up the loyalty program make sure to use the 'Issue store credit' option, and not the 'Issue limited store credit' option!

Recommended Gift Card Setup

For gifting, we recommend creating pre-paid subscriptions, to allow the receiver to redeem their gift card on the entire subscription period.

For example, here is a customer who set up a dedicated 'Gifts' page, that links to their main menu. Each option links to a different variant of their Gift Card, that will cover a different subscription period.


Q: Will my old Shopify gift cards work in the Recharge checkout?

A: If you have existing Shopify gift cards, reach out to the Rise support team, and we will migrate these gift cards into Rise so they can work in the Recharge checkout.

Q: Does the Recharge checkout have the 'One-Click Apply' button?

A: Currently the Recharge checkout doesn't have the 'One-Click Apply' button, but customers can redeem their store credit by inserting their loyalty card code at checkout.

Q: Will customers be able to redeem their store credit rewards on their current subscription?

A: Customers cannot apply their store credit rewards to their current subscription. These rewards will allow customers to purchase other items in your store, encouraging them to try out more of your products!

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