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Uninstall Rise from your Shopify store
Uninstall Rise from your Shopify store

How to remove Rise and cancel your account.

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In this article you will find:

  1. How to uninstall Rise.

  2. Cancelling FAQ's.

To uninstall Rise:

  1. Go to the account section in your Rise dashboard - click here.  

  2. Click the "Uninstall" button at the bottom of the page.

  3. Fill in the feedback form - your feedback is important to us!

  4. Click Uninstall and then delete.

  5. After you uninstall the app, the billing cycle immediately stops.

Tip: Before you uninstall, we recommend exporting your data using from the Activity tab (history & liability report).


Q: Can the gift cards be redeemed after I remove the app?
A: Customers can still redeem later but you won't have the management capabilities our app offers. Please note, customers will no longer be able to access their gift card code in the claim page, however, gift card codes will still appear in Shopify’s gift card section.

Q: Can store credit be redeemed after I remove the app?

A: Store credit can still be redeemed after uninstalling, however, customers will no longer be able to view their Loyalty card code in Rise store assets.

Any expiration set on your customer’s loyalty store credit will not disable the store credit when the expiration date arrives.

For stores using limited store credit, we have created discount codes instead of gift card codes that are managed by Rise, allowing your customers to redeem them multiple times. As such, when a merchant removes the Rise app, we have no way of managing the discount codes and they turn into one-time discount codes (your customers will have to redeem the entire amount in one purchase).

Q: Do I need to remove code implementations from my theme?
Answer: No. Unless you reached out to us to customize your assets, no code was entered into the store.

Q: If I install Rise again, will all my data be saved?
A: No, all your settings will be removed 2 weeks after uninstalling the app. If you reinstall the app within this 2 week period, you will be able to start where you left off.

Q: Is there anything else I will lose access to when uninstalling?

A: You will also lose access to the Rise Store credit export which is used for reporting. This means you will not be able to separate Gift Card liability from Store Credit liability. Customers will also not be able to see the gift card greeting card and claim page anymore, so if the gift card code was not in the original email, they will not be able to access their code.

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