In this article you will find out how to create and manage a reminder flow that will maximize the use of Store Credit and Gift Cards:

  1. What is a reminder flow?

  2. Set up your reminder flow

  3. Customize your reminder email

What is a reminder flow?

In order to maximize your ROI, Rise developed a reminder flow, that is focused on making sure customers get back to your store to max out their rewards.

Reminders can be customized to fit your store’s profile, they can be sent out based on remaining balance and time from creation. You can schedule multiple reminders in predetermined intervals, ensuring that even if the first reminder didn’t have the desired effect, the next one or the one after that will!

Set up your Reminder Flow

In order to set up your reminder flow go to Reminders tab, then select either "Active" or "Customize":

In the Workflow, you will see three conditions:

  1. Store Credit balance - The amount of unused balance the customer has

  2. Days since creation - The amount of time that has passed since the creation of the Gift Card/Store Credit.

  3. Days until Store Credit expiry -  The number of days left until the customer’s Gift Card/credit expires.

You can customize the flow of the reminder action by customizing the resending interval and retries:

  1. Time in days between resending a reminder - Controls the amount of time between sending consecutive reminder emails.

  2. Max number of reminders sent  - Controls the amount of reminders that will be sent overall.

Customize your reminder email

You can make the reminder email your own by completely customizing it. In order to do so:

  1. Go to the email builder tab.

  2. Then choose the “Gift Card balance reminder” email from the dropdown list:

  3. Customize to your liking (learn more on how to do so here).

  4. After finishing all customizations you can now test your WorkFlow and see that you get the desired outcome.

   5. Save and activate the Flow.

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