In this article we are going to cover-

  1. What is the Gifting Pop up?

  2. Customizing the Gifting Pop up.

What is the Gifting Pop up?

To the Gift Card page Rise creates in your store, we add the 'Send as a Gift' button, which opens the Gifting Pop up.

In this Pop up the customer can insert the recipients details, add a greeting message, select an image (that will appear in the greeting page) and schedule a future date for the gift card to be sent out on.

Customizing the Gifting Pop up

In your Rise dashboard, go to the Gift Card assets tab and click customize in the 'Gifting Pop-up' section.

Here you can customize the text and design of the pop up, as well as add images that customers can choose from that will appear in the greeting experience.

After uploading the images, make sure you select them by adding the checkmark sign.

Please note: in order to remove the image selected by default as the main image in the gifting module, choose another image as the main image by marking it with the star icon.

Remember to save after each change and check the preview button to see the changes.

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