Greeting Card Customization

Create a perfect recipient experience by customizing and branding the greeting card received by the gift recipient

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In this article you'll find:

  1. What is the greeting card page?

  2. How to customize this page.

*Please notice, the greeting card customization is only available from 'Small Business' plan and above.

What is the greeting card page?

When the recipient of a gift card receives the gift card email email, by default the email will include a button that directs them to view their gift card.

Once clicking the 'View Your Gift Card' button, the customer will be directed to the greeting card page-

After clicking 'See Your Gift' they will be directed to the gift card claim page:

Customizing the Greeting Card page

You can customize the greeting card page to fit your brand (here’s an example of greeting card animation). You can check out more examples here :)

To customize head to the Gift Card assets tab -> Greeting Experience customization section and preview the greeting card animation using the preview button.

Then, upload an image for the greeting card cover (optimal ratio 400X400):

You can also upload an image for the background (the image doesn’t have an optimal ratio, if it is to small it will simply duplicate):

In this page you can customize the colors of the greeting card and gift card claim page (these changes will apply to both pages):

In the language section you can change the language of both the greeting card and the gift card claim page:

You can preview your work whenever you want using the preview button.

Please remember to save your work when you’re done :)

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