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*Please notice, the greeting card customization is only available from 'Small Business' plan and above.

What is the greeting card page?

When the recipient of a Gift Card receives an email, by default the email will include a button that directs them to view their gift card.

Once clicking this the customer will be directed to the greeting card page-

After clicking 'See Your Gift' they will be directed to the gift card claim page:

Customizing the Greeting Card page

You can completely change the greeting card received by the gift recipient and make it your own (here’s an example of greeting card animation). You can check out more examples here :)

To do so first, go to the Gift Card assets -> greeting experience customization section and preview the greeting card animation using the preview button.

Then, upload an image for the greeting card cover (optimal ratio 400X400):

You can also upload an image for the background (the image doesn’t have an optimal ratio, if it is to small it will simply duplicate):

In this page you can customize the colors of the greeting card and gift card claim page (these changes will apply to both pages):

In the language section you can change the language of both the greeting card and the gift card claim page:

You can preview your work whenever you want using the preview button.

Please remember to save your work when you’re done :)

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