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Advanced Actions with Klaviyo x Rise integration
Advanced Actions with Klaviyo x Rise integration

How to use filters, conditions and delays for the Rise flows in Klaviyo

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Please note - this article doesn't include information about activating the Klaviyo integration or sending rewards emails through Klaviyo. More information about this can be found in this article.

Use filters and conditions in your Klaviyo flows

The Klaviyo integration allows you to send all store credit emails through Klaviyo. In addition to the basic functionality of the integration, you can use filters and conditions based on the Rise properties or other properties in Klaviyo, to perform advanced actions with the Klaviyo flows.

By adding filters and conditions to your Klaviyo flows you can boost your loyalty and rewards program by personalizing the emails and sending them to specific customer segments or different workflows in Rise.

How you can use the Rise properties in Klaviyo:

  • last_reward (the last reward given to the customer) - can be used as a condition or filter based on the amount of the last reward.

  • loyalty_card_code - can be used as a condition or filter if the code exists or not, or contains specific characters.

  • loyalty_card_balance (the total store credit balance the customer has) - can be used as a condition or filter in your flows and segments based on the balance amount

  • referral link (the referral link of the customer, if they have any) - can be used as a filter in our segments if the referral link exists in the system.

Frequent filter and condition use cases

Trigger multiple flows in Klaviyo for different Rise Workflows

1. Create your workflows in Rise with a fixed amount of store credit, and link them to Klaviyo:

  • First Purchase Reward workflow

  • Referral workflow

2. Create email templates for each one of your workflows and add the Rise properties into the email:

3. Create two flows in Klaviyo with the metric as a trigger, and add a filter to your flow based on the Rise property - 'last_reward'.

Change the filter to match the store credit reward amount that will be issued from each one of the workflows and add your relevant template to the flow:

  • Referral flow

  • First Purchase Reward

When each workflow is triggered, only the customers that met the criteria of the filter will receive the relevant email, based on the last reward amount they received from the workflow.

Send different emails to first-time purchasers

After creating a workflow in Rise and linking it into Klaviyo, create a flow in Klaviyo with the Rise trigger and add a filter based on analytics about the customer.

In the example below, we've set the filter based on the number of the orders of the customers to send a different email to new customers:

Then, set another flow to send a different email to all other customers:

Whenever a customer receives a reward from one of your workflows, they will receive a different, unique, email if it was their first purchase.

Send different emails to each tier from your VIP flow

After creating the VIP workflow in Rise and linking it into Klaviyo, create a flow in Klaviyo with the Rise trigger and add conditions based on analytics about the customer.

In the example below, we've set the filter to be based on the lifetime spend of the customer, so each tier from the VIP flow will receive a different email:

Make sure the tiers and conditions in Klaviyo match the tiers and conditions you've set in your Rise VIP workflow. In addition, if you have additional workflows aside from the VIP flow that are linked into Klaviyo, make sure to create another flow and filter the triggers so each flow will be sending emails to the right workflow.

Send store credit email reminders

After creating a workflow in Rise, linking it to Klaviyo, and creating a flow with the trigger, you can add delays and conditions to your flow to send store credit reminders to customers that still have a remaining balance in their loyalty cards.

  1. Add a delay to your Rise flow in Klaviyo:

2. Add a condition based on the loyalty_card_balance property, and add your reminder email template to the flow:

This will send email reminders to customers 10 days after receiving their store credit reward if they haven't used it yet. You can add multiple delays and conditions in order to set retry attempts for the reminder emails.

Create segments with the Rise properties

You can use any of the Rise properties to create campaigns in Klaviyo for specific segments of customers.


Use the referral_link property to create a segment that will be automatically updated with all customers that have a loyalty card and a personalized referral link, in order to use this segment for email promotions about your Referral program:


This property can be used for reminders campaign to send emails to customers that have a remaining balance in their loyalty card, in order to increase your store credit redemption rate and increase upsell:

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