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Integrating your Loyalty Program to Shopify POS
Integrating your Loyalty Program to Shopify POS

How customers can achieve and redeem loyalty rewards in your physical store, using Shopify POS.

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In this article we are going to cover:

  1. How to activate Rise’s integration with Shopify POS

  2. How customers achieve loyalty rewards with Shopify POS

  3. How customers can redeem store credit using Shopify POS

You can also check out our video where we explain everything you need to know about our integration with Shopify POS here -

Activating the Shopify POS integration

Rise automatically integrates with your Shopify POS. Please make sure your POS is on the same account as your online store.

If your physical and online stores are under different Shopify accounts, you can use the “Multiple store” option, please contact us to find more information about this option.

Achieving rewards using Shopify POS

Customers automatically achieve rewards every time they purchase through your Shopify POS.

It is important to make sure the sales reps in your store inserts the customer before completing the purchase.

Once doing so, your customer will be rewarded with store credit according to the Loyalty & Reward flows you have set up in your store.

Redeeming Store Credit on Shopify POS

First, you will need to add the Rise app box to your POS home grid.

To do so click Add title -> App -> Choose the Rise app integration.

Make sure not to choose the 'Website Link' option, but only the 'App Integration' option. The website link option will allow you to open the Rise dashboard straight from your Shopify POS, but will not show you data regarding your customer's loyalty balance.

With this box, you will be able to see if a customer has any store credit to redeem. This will appear when you add the customer before completing the purchase. Once you do so, the customer’s store credit balance will appear in the Rise box, and you will be able to easily add the credit by clicking on the box.

This will act as a discount code, and won’t be able to be combined with other discount codes, or be applied to tax. If you want it to act as a gift card, you can insert the customer’s loyalty card code at checkout. In addition to this, the store credit will always be rounded down to the nearest whole number.

Customers that register with their phone number and not with email, will not get notified regarding the store credit they receive. That being said, they still can achieve and redeem rewards with the POS system.

Please note- if you have a “create account get reward” Workflow set up in your store, customers who register through your POS system will not be rewarded. This Workflow works only for customers who are registered to your online store.

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