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Adding Store Credit & Gift Cards on Apple Wallets
Adding Store Credit & Gift Cards on Apple Wallets

Allow your customer to add and use their store credit & gift cards with Apple Wallets.

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In this article you'll find:

  1. How to enable Apple Wallet in your store credit & gift card emails.

  2. How to customize your Apple Wallet Page.

  3. How your customers can use it.

How to enable Apple Wallet pass via Rise:

Go to your dashboard -> Gift Cards assets -> Apple Wallet card -> Customize.

Then, click on the Enable Apple Wallet Passes checkbox:

Now you need to add the 'add to Apple wallet' button to all emails.

To do so, go to your Rise dashboard -> Emails.

In each relevant email, click add section -> Apple wallet.

This will add the apple wallet button to the email, and customers will now be able to easily add their gift card to their apple wallet.

How to customize your store’s Apple Wallet page:

You can customize your entire page in the Apple Wallet:

  1. Apple Pass Header

  2. Card color

  3. Regular text color

  4. Custom Logo (in header)

  5. Custom banner

How your customers can use it:

Your customers will always be able to access their remaining balance in their apple wallets, without having to save the code or the email with the store credit/gift card code.

If you’re using Shopify POS at your brick-and-mortar, you’ll be able to instantly scan the code in the Apple Wallet and apply the credit left to the cart.

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