Merchants on our Premium and Enterprise plans can remove the Rise branding from emails.

Please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Activate white labeling through the Rise dashboard

Go to the Rise dashboard -> Emails -> click the Preview & Edit button on any email -> Global Theme -> White label

Click the 'Remove Rise logo' checkbox (as seen below).

You can also change the email address your emails are sent from. To do so, click the "use customer sender email address" checkbox, and insert the name you'd like the email to be sent from, and the email address, in this format:

"Tiny Thorns <[email protected]>"

Step 2: Notify the Rise team that you have completed Step 1

Please reach out to the Rise team via our customer support chat (on the bottom right hand corner of the Rise dashboard), or contact your Account Manager directly (Enterprise only).

Please notify the team:

  • that you have activated white labeling on the Rise dashboard; and

  • specify the sender email address you inserted.

Step 3: Receive domain details from Rise and update email service provider

We will provide you with the domain details to include in your email service provider.

There, you will need to add DNS records for sending (outlined in the documentation we send you).

Once you have done so, please notify us again so we can ensure that it was set up correctly.

If your email service provider is Shopify -> go to your Shopify admin -> Settings -> Domains -> select the domain -> DNS settings (top right hand corner) -> insert info (and notify us once this is complete).

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