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  1. The plus in setting up BOGO incentives for Gift Cards.
  2. How to set up BOGO using in the WorkFlows.

Why set up BOGO incentives for Gift Cards?

Gravity Blanket generated more than $300K in 30 days by using gift cards to incentivize purchases

Gift Card incentives are beneficial for all sides, you'll see an increase in Gift Card sales, and the customers who are purchasing a Gift Card to their loved ones will also be getting Store Credit for themselves to spend at your store. This is a double benefit, all ending up in an increase in your revenue from Gift Card and other product sales. The recipient is happy, the customer is happy, and you are the happiest! 

How to set up BOGO using the WorkFlows?

  1. Go to your WorkFlows tab==>Create WorkFlow.
  2. Click on 'Select Trigger' and choose 'Order Created' or 'Order Paid'.
  3. Click on 'Add case', then select the condition 'Product IDs'.
  4. In the boxes below, choose 'Any of the product IDs matching the following', and 'is included in'.
  5. Copy your Gift Card product id from your Shopify admin==>Products. The product id is at the end of the URL in the product page, then paste it at the bottom box of the product id condition:

6. Then, click on 'Add action' and on 'Issue Store Credit'.

7. Choose the 'dynamic' option, set up the % back on each Gift Card purchase and fill in the email fields. Our recommendation - setup 20% on each Gift Card purchase, then if a customer buys a $50 Gift Cards, he gets $10 back ($100 Gift Card purchase will get $20 back). 

8. Last and most importantly, activate the WorkFlow and Save.

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