So you've set up all your Rise Essentials and put thought into every detail of your Loyalty Plan, but you know that in order for your customers to truly feel your uniqueness - it has to pop.

This is the place to find inspiration from our merchants who did it right!

In this article, you will find customization examples for:

  1. Designed Gift Cards

  2. Gift Card and eGift pop-ups

  3. Greeting Cards

  4. Email notifications

  5. Reward pages (New Feature🌟 Reach out if you'd like it in your store)

  6. Fab (widget) (New Feature🌟Reach out if you'd like it in your store)

  7. Apple Wallet (New Feature🌟)

🕵🏼 Looking for guides to help you set things up? See Related Articles at the end of the article.

Designed Gift Cards

Miami Heat Merchandise Store

FIGS Medical Apparel

Planet Blue

Gift Card and eGift pop-ups

La Colombe Coffee Roasters eGift popup

Indytute Gift Card popup

Greeting Card

Famehouse's Imagine Dragons Greeting Card

Email Notifications

Recchiuti Confections 'recipient opened gift' template

Gempler's 'recipient' template

Rewards Page (NEW FEATURE 🌟)

Vici weekend rewards promo

Tiny Thorns (example store) rewards page

Fab (widget) (NEW FEATURE 🌟)

Luxe Coastal Home

Tiny Thorns (example store)

Apple Wallet (NEW FEATURE 🌟)


Vodka Mariette

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Want to have a Reward Page and a Fab in your store? Have any additional questions?Contact us on your Rise Dashboard in the contact widget at the bottom of your screen.

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