Here are the top 5 benefits for using Rise:

  1. Enhanced Gift Card program - manage and control your store credit, brand your Gift Cards and increase store profit margin with incentives.


  • In-store Gift Cards - enable your customers to send your Gift Cards to their loved ones with a personal greeting message. 
  • Branded Gift Cards - brand your own Gift Cards and experience to match your brand.
  • Incentives - increase sales and profit margins with Gift Card discounts such as $100 Gift Card for $80, or buy $50 Gift Card get another $10 Gift Card.
  • Manage your Gift Card program - modify balance, disable or resend Gift Cards, get user data, track purchases - when, why and by whom.
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Read how Gift Card incentives made Gravity Blanket earn More Than $300K in 30 Days on our case study.

2. Store Credit Loyalty program - create automatic rules for issuing Store Credit, retain customers with rewards, incentivize sales and generate an incredible ROI.


  • Incentivize sales - set up rules to increase average cart value such as: buy over $X and get a $Y Gift Card, or place over X orders and get a $Y Gift Card, buy over $X and get Y% back in a Gift Card.
  • Retain Customers with a Loyalty program - with a good Store Credit program, new customers will quickly become loyal customers. You can set up as many rules as you want within the same WorkFlow.
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Read how Wodbottom increased their Repeat Customer Rate by 33% with Rise WorkFlows.

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3. Store Credit - Send Store Credit to customers as an upsell tool, reward or compensation. 


  • Issue store credit - use stored value Gift Cards as easy-to-manage rewards and loyalty cards for birthdays, new subscriptions or for contest winners and increase customer loyalty.
  • Get rid of the refund mess - give your customers a refund in store credit, and encourage to buy again in your store
  • Seamless checkout with our apply button to redeem Store Credit.
  • Check balance page - customers can check their remaining store credit balance any time on your store.  
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4. Bulk Gift Card - create bulk Gift Card codes and store credit to use on marketing and loyalty campaigns, corporate gifting and more.


  • Fast and easy creation of bulk store credit codes, which generates a massive amount of new sales for the store.
  • Create campaigns for inactive customers, treat your loyal customers, and holidays and special occasions campaigns. 
  • B2B Gift Card - sell Gift Cards to other businesses in bulk for employee holiday gifts.
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Read how Roka used the Bulk Campaign feature to win back customers and gain more than $200,000 revenue in our case study.

5. eGifts - Let your customers send products as gifts with a personal greeting message.


  • eGift experience -  unveil the gift by mail, read the greeting message and open the gift like a real present!
  • Reach new customers through existing customers with eGift.
  • Gift recipients can adjust or exchange their gift before it ships, turning them into new customers and significantly reducing returns and exchanges.
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