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Offer Gift Cards for Out of Stock Items
Offer Gift Cards for Out of Stock Items

Offer gift cards for products that are out of stock in your store.

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Offer customers gift cards instead of items that are out of stock in your store, encouraging them to complete a purchase even if their desired item is not available.

In this article we cover:

How does this feature work?

With this feature, you can automatically offer your customers to purchase a gift card once an item in your store is out of stock.

Once a product is out of stock, we will insert the 'Send a Gift Card instead' button. This button will direct customers to your gift card page, where they can purchase a gift card instead of the item that isn't available.


  1. In your Rise dashboard, head to the Gift Cards tab

  2. At the bottom of the page find the Gift Cards for out of stock items section.

  3. Click Enable

Once doing so there is no need to further customize. Once enabling, our system will insert the button when any product in your store is out of stock. The button will be designed with the same design as the 'Add to Cart' button in your store.

Please note that if you have other apps using the 'Out of Stock' functionality in Shopify such as preorder apps or restock alert apps, it may impact the functionality of the button. We recommend thoroughly reviewing this for each specific use case.


What happens if only certain variants are out of stock?

The 'Send a Gift Card instead' button will appear only if all variants are out of stock. If only specific ones are out of stock, the button will not appear.

Will updating the Gift Card page's URL effect this button?

No, the button will still know to link to the correct gift card page.

Am I able to change the style of the button?

Yes. To do so, use the following code in your product's relevant liquid file, and change the text in bold.

{% unless product.title contains "YOUR GIFT CARD PRODUCT TITLE" %}

<style> .gwbutton {RELEVANT STYLE !important} </style>

{% endunless %}

Am I able to exclude products from having the button appear on when out of stock?

Currently this isn't available.

Will the button appear in the product's quick view?

Currently this isn't available.

Can I change the text of the button?

Currently this isn't available.

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