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Understand your gift card analytics to optimize your gift card program

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The gift card analytics tool can help you measure the performance of your Rise gift card so you can optimize your gift card program and track your success.

With this tool you can track the sales and revenue from your gift card program, track upsell and redemption as well as learn more about the purchase behavior regarding gift cards.

Accessing the gift card analytics

To access the analytics go to your Rise dashboard -> Gift cards. Here you will see the analytics in the opening page of this tab.

Please note- if you haven't sold any gift cards yet, the analytic page will not appear.

Understanding your gift card performance metrics

On the top of the page you have the option to filter the data for specific dates.

On this page you can find the following metrics:

  • Total gift card revenue- This is a sum of the total gift cards purchased value, the total upsell from each purchase with a gift card and the order value of purchases completed by recipients that are first-time customers.

  • Gift card sales- The value of all gift cards purchased in store.

  • Number of gift cards sold- The total number of gift cards sold.

  • Average gift card value- The average initial gift card value of all gift cards sold.

  • Upsell on gift cards- The sum of the order value, minus gift card value, on purchases completed with a gift card.

  • Redeemed gift cards value- Total value of gift cards redeemed.

  • Average time to redeem- The average time it takes for gift cards to be redeemed.

  • Send as a gift percent- The percentage of gift cards that were purchased using the 'Send as a Gift' pop up and were sent to the recipient as opposed to purchasing the gift card for the buyer.

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