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Testing your gift card product
Testing your gift card product

How to test the functionality and design of your gift card product before launching your gift card program with Rise

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In this article you will find:

  1. How to use store credit to test your gift card

  2. Test the functionality of your gift card

  3. Test the gift card design

Use Store Credit for test purchases

First, to test the gift card product, it must be live for the 'Send as a Gift' functionality to work. If you don’t want to use real money for the test purchases, you can issue yourself store credit from the Rise dashboard and use that credit to purchase a gift card.

To issue yourself store credit (enough to cover the cost of the gift card), simply click the 'Issue Store Credit' button on the top of the dashboard. Then purchase the gift card by inserting your store credit code at checkout :)

If you decide to proceed using this method (purchasing a gift card with store credit or another gift card), Rise will automatically tag it as 'Fraud Risk' and will not send it out. For it to be sent you will need to manually fulfill it in your Store Credit tab by clicking 'fulfill'.

Testing the functionality of the gift card

  1. Create multiple gift card purchases and send them to different email addresses using the Send as a Gift button, choose different variants, choose different delivery methods (Email, IM, or Print), and add multiple gift cards per order.

  2. If you’d like to sell discounted gift cards, use the discount gift card variants feature we have in the dashboard and choose one of the variants that are discounted for the test purchase.

  3. Once receiving the gift card email, test the redemption flow of the gift card by creating another purchase.

  4. Finally, you can check how the gift card orders (purchases and orders that gift cards were redeemed on) are reported in Shopify and your ERP. All Rise orders are tagged and will also include a note.

Testing the gift card design

  1. Make sure the Send as a Gift button is designed to your liking on both PC/Mac and mobile.

  2. Test the design assets within the gifting module by choosing different images on different purchases, test the email designs once they are customized, and open the digital greeting card page, on PC/Mac and mobile.

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