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Workflow Performance

Understand your workflow performance analytics to optimize and increase your workflow productivity

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In this article you will find:

  1. Available metrics for your Loyalty & Rewards campaign performance.

  2. The meaning of each metric and how they are calculated.

The Campaign Performance tool can help you measure the effectiveness of all Reward Campaigns you've created in Rise, so you can optimize your campaigns and increase your workflow productivity.

With this tool, you can track the engagement of your customers, see how many store credit rewards were redeemed, and analyze your AOV and Repeat Purchase Rate from the campaign.

Understanding your campaign performance metrics

With the different campaign metrics, you can learn about the performance of each one of your Loyalty & Rewards campaigns.

In your dashboard, go to the Workflows tab to find an overview of your key metrics:

  • Credit Issued - Amount of credit issued from each of your campaigns

  • Redemption Rate - Amount of credit redeemed (amount of credit redeemed divided by the total amount of credit issued)

  • Revenue - Total revenue from each campaign (credit redeemed amount + upsell from each transaction)

In-depth performance analysis metrics

In addition to the Loyalty & Rewards tab, where you can see three metrics for all campaigns at once, you can also click the ‘Performance’ button to see full, comprehensive data about the performance of each campaign:

On the top of the page you have the option to filter the data for specific dates (please note that tracked data metrics are available as of May 1st, 2021), and see all metrics for your campaign:

All metrics will change according to the date filter you choose, except Repeat Purchase Rate, which is calculated from "all time". For example, if you filter the dates to the last 30 days, the AOV metric will be the average of all cart values within the last 30 days.

On this page you can find the following metrics:

  • Revenue - Total revenue from the campaign (store credit used amount + upsell from each transaction using store credit)

  • Credit Upsell - Total upsell from the campaign (cart value of orders using store credit - store credit used amount)

  • Credit Redeemed - Amount of store credit redeemed

  • Unique Customers - Number of customers that received a store credit reward from the campaign

  • Overall Rewards - Number of store credit rewards generated from the campaign

  • Credit Issued - Amount of store credit issued from the campaign

  • Repeat purchase rate - Percent of customers who made a purchase with their reward, out of the unique customer's number (calculated from all-time).

  • AOV - The average cart value of orders generated using store credit

  • Last Reward - The date on which the last store credit reward was generated

At the bottom of this page, you are able to see all the customers that were given store credit rewards from this campaign. You can see the customer ID, reward amount, and the date of the purchase:

Clicking the customer ID link will send you to the customer's page in the Rise dashboard.

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