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  1. What is the Gifting API?

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What is the Gifting API?

The Gifting API was designed to provide Rise merchant’s with a completely flexible Gift Card experience. By having custom front end gifting modules, as well as enabling gift card sales on any of your store’s platforms (e.g. native mobile app, headless store, etc), Rise can provide you with the freedom to fit your brand’s needs.

Common use cases:

1. Flexibility in Setup & Design

Removing the structure of a pre-designed app allows for complete flexibility in the design, customization and setup of your Gift Card. Separating our features functionality ensures that you can download the Rise app and create whatever experience you intend, ensuring your store has the most beautifully designed Gift Cards.

2. Native Mobile App/POS

If you have a mobile app separate from your online store or a POS system that is not Shopify POS, you are able to utilize the management tools provided with this API, allowing your customers to purchase from all your different platforms.

3. Multiple Gift Cards per order

The Gifting API works with sessions, meaning that each time your customer enters the gift card product page, a session is created. Once the purchase is completed, you send Rise the session ID and the platform order ID, allowing us to understand what was purchased in the session and which order it is associated with.

This allows your customers to be able to purchase multiple gift cards within one purchase and have each of them sent to the recipient with their own unique message and schedule date.

4. Payment gateways

If you are based in a country that isn’t able to make use of the Shopify payment gateway, and Rise’s gift cards don’t work with your 3rd party payment gateway, this is an easy solution to ensure you can make use of Rise’s gift card service.

How to receive authentication:

Step 1 - Contact our support team to see if you are eligible to utilize the API. You will then receive your client_id and client_secret.

Step 2 - You then need to send us a request with the client_id, shop_url and callback_url.


Step 3 - Your callback_url address will get redirected with the temp code. You then need to send another request with the client_id, client_secret, temp_code and shop_url:


Step 4 - You’ll receive the following response allowing you to start using your Rise API access token. { "access_token": "XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX" , "token_type": "bearer" }

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