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How to activate your Rise & Loop integration

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In this article you will learn:

  1. How the integration benefits your business

  2. How to activate the integration

  3. How customers submit their refunds

Please note: The Loop integration is only available if you are on the Premium plan or above.

How the integration benefits your business

The Rise and Loop integration enable your customers to receive store credit upon returning items to your store. This store credit is held in customers' loyalty card along with already accumulated store credit.

What's so great about this?

  • Enhances customer experience: all store credit (triggered by a return, refund or via your loyalty program) accumulates in one place, making it simple for customers to keep track of how much store credit they have to spend in your store.

  • Enhances your business management experience: you can manage all of your customers' store credit in a single dashboard with more access and visibility than what is available on Shopify.

How to activate the Loop integration

  1. Go to your Shopify admin -> Apps -> open Rise and Loop

  2. On your Rise dashboard, go to the integrations page and activate the Loop integration. When you click on the toggle, a pop-up will appear (see screenshot below):

3. Click "Copy Webhook Callback"

4. Go to the Loop dashboard -> Settings -> Developers (see below):

5. On the Developers page -> Click 'Create Webhook' and a pop-up will appear

6. In the 'Event' box, select "Return closed"

7. In the URL box, paste the "Webhook Callback" you copied in 'Step 2' above.

8. Then click 'Add'

9. Copy the Webhook secret code (as seen below)

9. Return to the Rise dashboard -> paste the Webhook secret in the 'Insert webhook secret' box (see below):

10. Click 'Continue to Loop' so you see this pop-up:

11. Return to Loop -> Click 'Return closed' -> Activate

You will now see that the integration is 'Active'!

12. Please contact your Loop Account Manager and ask for the Loop gift card to be disabled (so that your customers only receive the Rise gift card).

Now that you have activated the integration, you will need to set up the front-end (i.e where your customers will engage with the refund process).

Front-end Setup

  1. On the Loop dashboard -> Click 'Returns Portal'. This will direct you to the page where your customers will submit their refund requests.

2. If you haven't already done so, set up a Returns page with a link to your Loop refund form (see below). The correct link is the URL of the refunds page:

Here is an example of a Refunds / Return Policy page where a store instructs customers how to submit their return:

How customers submit their refunds

  1. Once customers click on the link which directs them to the returns form, they insert their order number and zip code (this information can be found in the Shopify order email confirmation):

2. If the order contains a number of items, the customer can select which items to return:

3. The customer can then choose to exchange the item or return:

4. Finally, the customer can select to either be refunded with store credit, or via the original payment method:

5. If the customer selects 'store credit', the Rise 'refund email' will be triggered. You can customize this email from the Rise dashboard -> Email Builder -> Refund email.

If the customer already has an account with your store, or has made a return previously using the same email address used to purchase the returned item, the store credit will be added into their existing loyalty card.

You can view the details of the Loop return in your Rise dashboard -> ‘Customers’ tab. For customers who have returned items using Loop, the ‘Source’ of their store credit will appear as ‘Loop Return’ (see below).

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