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Liability and History Report for Accounting and Management
Liability and History Report for Accounting and Management

A review of Rise’s liability and history reports.

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Rise creates liability and history reports of all of the transactions done through our platform, to help you with accounting and management.

We know reporting can be a bit of a hassle, and we want to help! If needed, please contact us for further assistance 🤓

In this article we cover:

If you'd like to learn about Rise's management capabilities and reports in a video format, you can check out this video 😄

How to export the reports

To export the reports, go to your Rise dashboard -> Activity tab, and click export.

Export the Liability Report:

Click 'Liability Report'

This will then open a pop-up that will ask for your email address and once entering your email address, the report will be sent to you (it may take up to two hours).

To export the History report

This will open a pop-up where you can choose the timeframe and choose the email the report will be sent to-

The different timeframes you can choose from are:

  • This Week- will give you the data from Sunday-to the current day.

  • This Month- from the 1st of the month to the current day.

  • This Year- from Jan 1st to the current day.

  • Previous Week- Sunday to Sunday of last week.

  • Previous Month- 1st until the end of the previous month.

  • Previous Year- Jan 1st until Dec 31st

  • Custom- you can choose the date span, please note that this allows you to export up to a 6-month span from any months you'd like.

Please note- the timeframe refers to the gift card\ loyalty card creation date.

The Liability Report

Instructions tab- In this section, you have a detailed explanation of all the different terms that appear in the report and an explanation of the report structure.

Liability tab- In this section, you have the total liability issued by the store. Here, you will be presented with a break down of all active store credit including gift cards bought in-store, loyalty rewards, bulk gift cards, manually issued store credit, and refunds.

The History Report

Instructions tab- in this tab, you have an explanation regarding the different columns in the report.

Gift Cards tab- in this tab, you get a report of all of the gift cards and loyalty cards in your store, you can differentiate between them through the 'source' column. It will show you the customers’ details, the code's current value and initial value, expiration date, when the gift cards were used and any notes attached to the gift card. For loyalty cards, expiration dates will not show up because the code itself does not actually expire, each store credit's expiration date can only be viewed in the customer's account in the 'Customers' tab.

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