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How Rise Works with your Store’s Currency
How Rise Works with your Store’s Currency

How Rise integrates with your store’s currency and how Rise's gift card & loyalty features work with multi-currency stores.

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In this article we cover-

How Rise Works with your Store’s Currency

Rise automatically uses the store currency that is set up in your store to use for your Gift Card and Loyalty programs. Meaning, no need for you to set up anything to make this work!

Having said that, we do, by default, insert dollar signs in all assets (that affect the appearance only)., In order to change that to the correct currency, keep on reading :)

The Appearance of Currency on your Store Assets

You can easily customize the dollar sign’s appearance to the appearance of your currency in the Rise dashboard.

Change the currency appearance in the Gift Card variant:

To change the currency symbol in the gift card variants’ titles, simply go to your Rise dashboard-> Gift cards -> variants

Change the currency appearance in emails:

In the store credit email and reminder emails, there are mentions of store credit balance or store credit received. If you’d like to add your currency’s symbol in adjacent to these numbers, just add it to the text editor in the email builder.

Change the currency appearance in the account page-

To change the currency symbol in the account page, simply go to your Loyalty assets -> Account page -> edit the currency in the title section.

How Rise works with multi-currency stores

Gift Cards - With multi-currency stores, we work as any other Shopify product would. The gift card variant amounts are displayed in each currency. Meaning if a gift card is worth 100 US dollars, for Canadian buyers, it will be presented as 138 Canadian dollars upon purchase. The gift card is always saved in the shop currency so when it comes to redeeming the gift card, the conversion will happen at the time of redemption from the shop currency to the checkout currency.

Loyalty & Rewards- Rewards will be given out based on your store’s native currency, and the store credit issued will be in your store’s native currency. Meaning, if you have a- buy for 100 USD get 10 USD promotion, your Canadian customers will have to buy for 138 CAD and they will receive a 10 USD reward, that at checkout will be worth 13.8 CAD.

Refunds- All prices in the Rise refund module will appear in the shop currency, regardless of what currency they were purchased in. All Store credits provided are also in shop currency.

If refunding via Shopify's refund for an order where a gift card/loyalty card was used, the balance will be returned to the gift card/loyalty card in the shop currency, not the checkout currency.

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