In this article we are going to cover-

  1. The Rise Gift Card gifting experience.

  2. The Rise Gift Card receiving experience.

  3. How customers redeem their gift card

The Rise Gift Card gifting experience

Rise adds the “Send as a Gift” button to your gift card page which allows customers to easily send the gift card to their loved ones.

The buyers can choose an image that will be sent with the gift card, write a personal message and schedule it to be sent on a later date. 


This allows your customers to add their own touch to the gift and make it more personalized and special. It will also make your customers’ life much easier, helping them not forget to send the gift card on the right date, saving them lots of embarrassment!

Once the recipient opens the gift, a message is sent to the buyer notifying them that the gift was received. 

The Rise Gift Card receiving experience

The receiver will get a stylish and branded email. When opening the email, they will be directed to their greeting card, where they will see the image and the message their loved one wrote. 

This creates a personal and thoughtful gift card experience that will delight the receiver and be remembered. It also gives you a chance to brand the email creating more brand awareness.

How Customers Redeem their Gift Cards- 

Customers can check their Gift Card balance by using the check balance page. 

Customers can add their Gift Card to their apple wallet, this will make sure that they are reminded of the Gift Card each time they enter their apple wallet.

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